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Apple accused of misleading iPad advertising in Australia

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says Apple is misleading customers when it advertises the iPad as a 4G device, says a report in the Sydney Morning Herald. Though marketing promotes the device as 4G, there are no Australian carriers which support the iPad's 4G technology. Th...

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Apple wins temporary ruling on iPad, iPhone sales in Germany

Apple scored a legal victory against Motorola in a case involving a standards essential (FRAND) patent that Motorola must license to other companies on fair terms. The Mannheim court originally ruled in favor of Motorola and Apple was forced to remove select iPads and iPhone models from its German ...

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Apple says Motorola patent win won't deter holiday sales

Last Friday Motorola won a default judgment in Germany blocking the sale of iPad 3G's and all iPhones before the iPhone 4S in Germany. The court sided with Motorola after the company successfully argued that Apple violated one of its 3G patents. The ruling was a blow to Apple, especially since ...

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Apple loses iPad design lawsuit against NT-K

Apple has lost an iPad design infringement lawsuit it brought against the small Spanish tablet maker, Nuevas Tecnologías y Energías Catalá. Nuevas created an Android-powered tablet called the nt-k Pad, which Apple believed was a knock off of the iPad. Interestingly, Apple f...

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Dutch court denies Samsung's request to block Apple products

As the unending battle between Apple and Samsung continues into its third epoch, a Dutch court today denied Samsung's request for an injunction against every single Apple product that uses 3G technology. According to Reuters, the Dutch court not only denied Samsung's requested injunction, its r...

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Feds charge two in June 2010 iPad 3G hacking

Two men have been charged with stealing the email addresses and personal data of over 120,000 iPad users last year. A 26-year-old from San Francisco and a 25-year-old from Fayetteville, Arkansas were charged with hacking into AT&T's servers and stealing the data, scraped from AT&T's website....

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Patent Wars, Episode V: Apple Strikes Back

It is a dark time for the smartphone market. Although the Blackberry has been destroyed, patent suits have driven handset makers from their hidden laboratories and pursued them across the galaxy. Evading the dreaded Motorola patent suits, a pair of new lawsuits led by six Apple Multi-Touch and OS p...

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Lost iPhone warrant withdrawn, Gizmodo agrees to cooperate in investigation

The search warrant against Gizmodo editor Jason Chen has been withdrawn, the EFF reports today. Chen's house was searched a few months ago after the Gawker blog reportedly purchased the lost iPhone 4 prototype, but the San Mateo District Attorney has decided to drop the warrant and return all seiz...

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Psystar files one more appeal in court

They're like cockroaches! Psystar is back yet again, this time filing yet another appeal against yet another injunction by Apple telling them that they can no longer sell their unauthorized OS X PCs. As previously reported, they've been on Apple's bad legal side for a long time, and the last injunct...

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Norway takes iTMS ToS gripes to court

A consumer advocacy group in Norway is apparently not too happy with the iTMS ToS (Terms of Service) and has won a preliminary ruling in an attempt to force Apple to make some edits. Specifically, the Norwegian group is attacking Apple's liability for any security breaches their software might allo...

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TUAW Podcast the 8th

It's that time again! We've put together our eighth podcast, and in this edition Jan Kabili, Damien Barrett and Dave Caolo bring you some of our best posts from last week, in-depth details on Apple Computer vs. Apple Corps, a couple April fools jokes, new Apple stores and some interesting iPod acces...

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