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Supreme Court refuses to hear Mirror Worlds' appeal to have damages award against Apple reinstated

Back in 2008, a company called Mirror Worlds filed a patent-infringement suit against Apple alleging that a number of OS X features infringed upon one of its patents. The accused features included Cover Flow, Time Machine and OS X's Spotlight search feature. In October 2010, Mirror Worlds won a US$...

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Apple wins appeal in Time Machine, Cover Flow patent ruling

US District Judge Leonard Davis threw out a US$625.5 million patent infringement verdict against Apple involving its Cover Flow, Time Machine and Spotlight technology for the Mac. In 2008, Mirror Worlds filed a patent infringement lawsuit accusing Apple of infringing on four of the company's pa...

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Apple patents Cover Flow-like spiral interface

Patently Apple has unearthed a new patent that shows off a Cover Flow-like interface for browsing icons or album covers, only instead of Cover Flow's linear layout, this one organizes content in a spiral. We've seen rotating menus in Apple's patents before, but this looks more involved. It's descri...

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Apple patent reveals scrollable menus, toolbars for OS X Lion

Apple has filed a patent featuring some concepts for scrollable menus and toolbars that could eventually be used in the next version of OS X, 10.7 Lion. The new patent covers all kinds of things, from extra UI elements in the OS X desktop to special iOS menus and features. But they all look like wh...

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Ouch! Apple dinged for $208.5 million in patent infringement case

You know that nice Cover Flow interface (above) that Apple uses on iDevices, in iTunes, and in Mac OS X? An East Texas Federal Court has ruled that Apple infringed on patents held by Mirror Worlds, a software business started by Yale University computer science professor and Unabomber victim David ...

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iPhone devsugar: PLJukebox (Coverflow) license reduced to $50 for indie devs

Coverflow provides one of the most visually appealing elements in the iPhone GUI repertoire. It's the view that you see when rifling through albums in the iPod application while holding the device in landscape orientation. Although Apple has included a full working implementation of their technolog...

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iTunes 101: Wrangle your iTunes LPs with Smart Playlists

Photo courtesy of Jay Robinson Earlier we mentioned how to explore the iTunes LP format and how easy it is to peek inside and check out all of the non-Flash, CSS-based awesomeness. But if you happen to be somewhat less geeky, it's pretty likely that your definition of "exploring" iTun...

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Apple offers Safari beta 4 for Mac and Windows

Well, it's Tuesday, and that often means a software release from Apple. Today, both Mac and Windows users can scarf up a beta copy of Safari 4, with many new and desirable features. Here's a download link for those who are ready to go. The new browser features: Cover Flow -- You can browse thr...

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What's in an icon?

Gedeon Maheux has an post about how an icon is designed from the aptly-named Iconfactory (specifically the Frenzic app icon), and while I don't have any design skills to speak of at all, it's an interesting look into how those little snippets of art are made. Icons are increasingly important, espec...

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Jobs unveils new iPod nano at "Let's Rock"

The rumors were true on this one, too -- there's a new iPod nano in town, and it's sporting that long, thin, somewhat rounded design that we've seen early on. There's a new widescreen that can be turned horizontally (thanks to a new built-in accelerometer, you can also "shake to shuffle"), and in th...

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Contactizer 3.6 Gains Leopard Goodness

Objective Decision released a free update to their oddly-named flagship product Contactizer. A powerful, Sync Services-savvy personal information manager (PIM) application, Contactizer 3.6 comes in Pro and Express flavors depending on your needs. I used an earlier version of Contactizer last year...

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Mac 101: see iCal events in Cover Flow

Continuing with yesterdays obsession with Cover Flow, here is something that you might not have known existed in Leopard. You can browse iCal events with Cover Flow right inside a finder window. All you have to do is open Spotlight up by clicking its icon in the top right corner of the screen (or ...

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Cover Flow for a more Fluid browsing experience

Fluid, the site-specific browser we've featured before, has added a sweet new feature: Cover Flow for sites like Google, Digg, Flickr and more. In case you haven't given it a shot yet, Fluid allows you to create mini-browsers that are specific to a site – such as GMail, for example – g...

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AppFlow for the iPhone

Some enterprising iPhone developer named Erica Sadun (we hear she blogs for a fly-by-night Mac site) has been tinkering around with CoverFlow on the iPhone for a book she's writing, and while the result of my doing the same tinkering would be nothing but a broken iPhone, she instead pulls off the o...

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Cover Stream brings the old CoverFlow back

I'm sure I'm not alone on this one, but I remember when CoverFlow was basically just a tech demo, and not, you know, the centerpiece of OS X's UI. But of course when Apple picked up the little app to use it for everything else, we lost it -- even if you wanted to use the old simple album-browsing ...

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