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Grating cheese on a G5

Ah, the once mighty Power Mac G5. It used to be the envy of film editors and art designers everywhere. With a 1.6 GHz CPU, a whopping 256MB of RAM, and an 80GB hard drive, it was once the tower-iest of PC towers. Just seven short years later, it's reduced to grating cheese in some nondescript off...

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iPad CPU may find its way into next-gen iPhone

Since the announcement that the iPad comes with a 1 GHz A4 chip developed and owned by Apple (thanks, no doubt, to their acquisition of chipmaker PA Semi), one thing's been on a lot of people's minds: when will this chip make it to the iPhone? The iPhone 3GS runs on an 833 MHz Samsung chip, that,...

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Apple making its own chips starting with the A4

Even though this morning's presentation had Apple calling themselves the "largest mobile device company" in the world, apparently they're in the processor business now, too. The just-announced iPad doesn't carry any special Intel or Nvidia CPU -- it's a homecooked 1GHz chip called the Apple A4. App...

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CoverSutra updated to be faster and Snow Leopard compatible

I picked up CoverSutra a little while ago in a bundle purchase, and I generally liked it -- it's an iTunes controller with the added features of regular notifications with album art, a music search, and scrobbling. My one complaint with the software was that it was a bit of a CPU hogger --...

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PA Semi team creating new ARM-based iPhone CPU

Apple Senior Manager Wei-han Lien let slip that teams acquired with the purchase of PA Semi are working on an ARM-based processor for the iPhone, and possibly other devices, according to The New York Times. While not a huge surprise, as Steve himself said that's what the former PA Semi staff was wor...

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iStat menus turns 1.3

iSlayer has released version 1.3 of iStat menus, the powerful -- and free -- Mac system monitoring app. There are so many changes that the release notes for this latest update take up an entire page of the iSlayer website. Some of the more notable additions include: Monitoring power, current a...

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Atom-powered Mini-tablet Confirmed By Intel Germany CEO?

Was it a slip of the tongue? reports that Intel Germany CEO Hannes Schwaderer, speaking at an Intel 40th anniversary event at Munich's BMW World, confirmed that there is an iPhone that will be using Intel's new Atom processor. The new device is "slightly larger" than the current iPhone, rai...

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MBP vs. MBA benchmarking showdown

Bare Feats continues to pit Macs against each other in a no-holds-barred, up-against-the-wall benchmarking breakdown, and this time around it's the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air in the octagon together. And things go about as planned -- while the solid state drive in the MBA has its advantages, ...

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Rig of the Week: PowerBook with USB cooling fan

TUAW reader and Flickr user sninesix posted this snapshot of the USB CPU fan he rigged up to cool his PowerBook. When the original fan died, sninesix found an old fan he had lying around, removed the wires and hacked a USB cable onto it. He then removed laptop's keyboard and positioned the fan just...

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iStat menus v1.1 preview screenshot and details

The iSlayer crew has released a preview screenshot on the company's blog that highlights a few key features coming in v1.1 of iStat menus, their utility for keeping an eye on your Mac's various statistics from the menubar. Specifically new in this upcoming version will be network graphing, monito...

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Intel to ship 45nm Core 2 chips by end of year

It's front-page news today in the NYT and elsewhere: transistor jockeys at Intel will be the first to market with processors based on a 45-nanometer process, dramatically boosting performance and/or lowering power requirements for the new devices compared with the current 65nm parts. With the use of...

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AMD CEO: AMD + Apple inevitable

During an Intel-bashing session at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, The CEO of AMD, Hector Ruiz, whined remarked that an AMD + Apple partnership is in their cards: "Knowing Apple, why would they want to be held hostage like everyone else has been?" Of course, Apple wasn't available to comment...

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AMD acquires ATI for $5.4 billion

AMD, the #2 CPU maker in the world, has announced a purchase of ATI, a leading graphics card manufacturer, for $5.4 billion. IMG has more details on the buyout and the business end of things, but we're more interested in finding out what exactly this means for the Mac market. ATI currently supplies ...

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Apple quietly responds to whining (of MacBook Pros)

Rickard Almqvist at MacInTouch is reporting that Apple has apparently (and finally) produced a tweaked version of the MacBook Pro logic board in response to everyone's whining - MacBook Pro whining, that is. Rickard received a letter from Apple detailing the new board and stating that it was brand ...

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Apple Introduces $899 Education Configuration for 17-inch iMac

Apple has decided to show the EDU market even more love and has unveiled a slimmed-down 17-inch iMac for all y'all eating reheated Ramen noodles for breakfast in your dorm room right now. This model sells for a mere $899 (down from $1199 for the next model up) and includes a 1.83 Intel Core Duo CPU,...

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