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Coming soon: Paying for stuff on Visa by waving your iPhone

You've probably seen contactless payment terminals before. They're used in many stores, restaurants, and other locations, with either a smart credit card containing a secure memory card or some sort of fob being used to make the payment. You just wave it at the terminal, and you've paid your bill. ...

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Square used for fundraiser payments at SxSW

Square is a very cool piece of hardware for the iPhone and other smartphones; when combined with the Square service, you can accept credit card payments right on your iPhone. TechCrunch reports that charity:water used Square at SxSW to collect donations, and other uses are already cropping up; flowe...

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Apple posts articles to help protect MobileMe members against 'phishing' schemes

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we warned you that there were a bunch of phony Apple emails being sent to MobileMe subscribers designed to trick them into giving up their credit card info. Now, Apple has published a couple of Knowledge Base articles designed to help you if you get some mai...

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Kevin Rose demos Square payment system for iPhone

Digg's Kevin Rose is the newest investor in this Square iPhone payment system that we've been seeing lately, and as you can see above, he's demo'ed the unit for everyone over on YouTube. It works as we've heard: there's just an addon that you plug into the iPhone's headphone jack, and then an app t...

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Phishing schemes targeting MobileMe users again

Be very careful if you get an email from Apple telling you they need to re-check your credit card information. One of our readers got just such an email, and he didn't fall for it. This particular rip-off comes from an 'Apple-bills.com' domain, which has nothing to do with Apple. They'll be glad ...

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Credit card terminals for iPhone

It's no secret that the iPhone is much more than just a smartphone. Apple has even started giving iPhones to Apple Store Concierge employees to schedule appointments and manage the store. The ability to complete mobile transactions with credit card terminals is a great use of the iPhone for employ...

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