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Tag: crossover

Crossover Mac enters Beta 2 phase

We missed this a few days ago, but Crossover Mac, CodeWeaver's WINE environment that allows you to run Windows applications along side OS X applications, with no need for virtualization, has been updated to Beta 2. What's new in b2? Lots, apparently. There are "dramatic" performance improvements...

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Half-Life 2 on Intel Macs

If you've sated your Tetris lust through Quinn and you're looking for something a little meatier to play, you might want to check out this kludge a CodeWeavers forumite has used to get Half-Life 2 running on an Intel Mac. Armed with the beta of CrossOver Mac, user JustinD downloaded Gordon Freeman's...

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YAMTT - Yet another Mail theme for Thunderbird

Hawk Wings has tracked down another Mail theme for Thunderbird by the name of TigerMail. While I know we've blogged one before, I can't track it down. From what I remember though, TigerMail is a much more accurate reproduction of the Tiger Mail look and feel. But if Panther Mail's look and feel is...

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