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CrossOver 7 supports Office 2007, Adobe CS2 and more

CodeWeavers has released CrossOver 7.0 for Mac, adding support for Microsoft Office 2007, Adobe CS and CS2, and improving "online banking integration" in Quicken 2007 & 2008. Unlike Boot Camp or virtualization solutions like Parallels and VMware, CrossOver allows you to run Windows software on y...

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Gaming-specific CrossOver coming soon

MacWindows reports that CrossOver (which was already doing pretty well with Windows games inside OS X) is planning to release a gaming-optimized version of their virtualization software. It'll be called CrossOver Gaming, and while we're not actually given details of how it's going to be "optimized" ...

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CrossOver 6.2 supports Team Fortress 2

The latest version of CrossOver, Codeweavers' Mac and Linux application designed to get Windows games and applications working on those systems, has been released. CrossOver 6.2, now available, features a number of different updates both to increase compatibility and to make Windows applications ru...

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Crossover Mac to ship this week

Reader Greg Taylor advises that Codeweavers' WINE-based Win32 application runtime Crossover is due for release during Macworld. The release version should be downloadable for registered users sometime this week. It remains to be seen how well Crossover will do up against more traditional virtualizat...

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Release Candidate 2 of CrossOver Mac

The virtualization market for the Mac is hot. Crossover, a WINE link environment for Windows apps on OS X, has just released their Release Candidate 2 for public testing. Release candidates traditionally signal that a product is almost ready for primetime. I haven't had a chance to play around with...

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Crossover Mac enters Beta 2 phase

We missed this a few days ago, but Crossover Mac, CodeWeaver's WINE environment that allows you to run Windows applications along side OS X applications, with no need for virtualization, has been updated to Beta 2. What's new in b2? Lots, apparently. There are "dramatic" performance improvements an...

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Half-Life 2 on Intel Macs

If you've sated your Tetris lust through Quinn and you're looking for something a little meatier to play, you might want to check out this kludge a CodeWeavers forumite has used to get Half-Life 2 running on an Intel Mac. Armed with the beta of CrossOver Mac, user JustinD downloaded Gordon Freeman's...

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YAMTT - Yet another Mail theme for Thunderbird

Hawk Wings has tracked down another Mail theme for Thunderbird by the name of TigerMail. While I know we've blogged one before, I can't track it down. From what I remember though, TigerMail is a much more accurate reproduction of the Tiger Mail look and feel. But if Panther Mail's look and feel is ...

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