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Tag: crush the castle

Daily iPad App: Cannon Crasha offers nostalgic medieval combat

Your goal in Cannon Crasha is simple: Destroy the castle on the right side of the screen while protecting the castle on the left side of the screen. There's a relatively disposable story that is designed to push you on, destroying castles and leaving rubble in your wake, but in the end it's...

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Crush the Castle for iPhone free today only

I'm not much of a gamer but I adore Crush the Castle. It's a medieval themed game where you use a trebuchet to knock down your enemies who inhabit an increasingly difficult arrangement of fortifications. It's a good test of skill and your knowledge of the physics of heavy airborne objects. Today...

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Got some time? Crush the Castle

I admit it. I am iPadded out. I am iTired. I am suffering from iBurnout. So it was with pleasure that I found an addicting little game for the iPhone and iPod touch called Crush the Castle [iTunes link]. It's a free medieval game where you use an ancient trebuchet to smash a variety of castles and...

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