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Incase releases exclusive New York commemorative case line

iLounge is reporting that Incase has pulled out all their case-making stops and introduced a complete lineup of cases for Apple products that commemorate New York and some of its major landmarks. To top things off, these cases are exclusive to the new 24/7 5th Avenue Apple Store that opened last we...

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5th Ave cube scratched, leather case in the works

Ok, so maybe it's just a joke, but it's still funny. Macenstein has written an amusing parody post, stating that the NYC cube (which is made of the same material as the iPod's screen) will don a protective case designed by Incase, after receiving a 30-foot scratch over the weekend. Nice one, Macenst...

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Looks like someone is proud of their new Apple store

As featured on I think Steve is really in love with that cube (I know I am), though I do wonder how they are going to keep it clean....

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Apple Store 5th Ave: Your reports

Hooray, it's opening day! You cannot deny the lure of the cube, New Yorkers. Resistance is futile. While Apple Store Fifth Avenue in New York City doesn't officially open its doors until 6:00 PM, we'll be taking your reports all day. Use the comments of this post to share your experiences: When...

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5th Avenue cube revealed!

TUAW reader Dave Thorup lives in NYC, and decided to wander down to the 5th Avenue Apple Store that's scheduled to open this Friday. He was lucky enough to witness the unveiling of the huge glass cube that marks the store's entrance, and he took these photos. Thanks so much for sending these in! T...

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5th Avenue Apple store to be open 365 days a year?

The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue has been rumored to be open 24 hours a day. ifoAppleStore now reports that not only will Apple's new flagship store be open 24 hours a day, but also 365 days a year (366 on leap year). If this is true I imagine that some Mac geeks will be ringing in the New Year at t...

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Manhattan Apple Store to open May 19

You now it's going to be a big deal when Apple creates a webpage dedicated to counting down the minutes until a single retail location opens. Apple Store Fifth Avenue in NYC (yes, the one with the huge cube) will open on Friday, May 19. This store is located at 767 Fifth Avenue at 59th Street. Get ...

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Prediction: NYC Apple Store to open May 13th

Ok, we admit it. We're just as crazy about Steve's Manhattan cube as he is (maybe more). There's no doubt that when this location finally opens, it will be a very big event indeed. ifoAppleStore has made a prediction: The massive cube will open wide is gleaming doors on Saturday, May 13th. You may r...

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More fun with Steve's NYC cube

The saga of the NYC cube continues. For the uninitiated, the cube in question is the huge, 5 story glass cube that will adorn the upcoming Manhattan Apple Store. Steve Jobs designed the cube, and is very much in love with it. According to a report at ifoAppleStore, the titanium pieces that hold the ...

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Rig of the Day: Cube

Are Cubes "vintage" yet? We're not sure, but we do like them. Flickr user techcast-oni posts a shot of his well-maintained Cube and 15" Apple Cinema Display. I've got to get one of those eventually. Untitled posted by techcast-oni. For the month of April, the theme for our Rig of the...

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Apple store pr0n: a peek at the 5-story Manhattan glass cube

At least one Flickr user, bhaggs, has posted some images that offer a peek at Apple's new commercial monument to itself - the much-anticipated 5-story, all glass, Fifth Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan. As Dave Caolo noted before, construction is still slated to finish in time for the holiday season...

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Rig of the Day: Cube server farm

Today's rig demonstrates a great usage of discontinued Cubes. Flickr user and TUAW reader charlieabbotuk tell us that these Cubes are a Filemaker Pro server farm where he works. He writes: "...We are constantly looking to recycle our older Mac kit and couldn't bear to throw our cubes away so we...

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Rig of the Day: Your cube is naked

Today's rig features a Cube with a case that has been modded to be clear. Nice Cinema Display, turntable and an original iPod (cool). It's pretty hardcore geek to want to stare at a computer’s interior parts, but I like it. "My Desk!" posted by scottdog1515. If you'd like to see you...

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Rig of the Day: Rockin' the Cube

I'd very much like to own a Cube some day. Apple's Tissue Box may have lived a short life, but I think it's a very desirable machine, with its sweet design and upgrade options. Flickr user mrgaskell notes that he recently swapped his Cube for a Mac mini, which is ok, as that seems like a logical pr...

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