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Stink Different with an Apple toilet

We've long heard jokes of the iCar, the iToilet, and other iCrap, but until now we'd never seen a real, working example of one of these things. Well, here's your iToilet, gang. It doesn't connect to the internet in less than three steps, but it does connect to a series of tubes. Tipster Mike Jones ...

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TUAW's Halloween roundup

A look at Halloween posts gone by... The TUAW Halloween costume gallery We asked to see your Apple-themed Halloween costumes, and you delivered. As Mac fans everywhere head off to Halloween parties, it's clear that TUAW readers have created some great outfits. ...

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The beautifully detailed art of Mac OS X app icons

Over at his blog Cult of Mac, writer Leander Kahney published a post this morning featuring full-size 512 x 512 pixel screenshots of Mac icons. As he notes, the highly detailed icons are part of a move to make the OS resolution independent, but they're also an indication of Apple's attention to deta...

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Found Footage: Why we use a Mac

I'm sure it's not going to be to everyone's taste, but I think this video is really cute and it made me smile. Happy Monday! YouTuber CBGFilms put together a great compilation of why his generation uses a Mac. Interestingly, these are the same reasons I use a Mac. Stability, usability, tight prod...

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Happy 1st Anniversary, App Store!

What a difference a year makes. Apple has a promo on the store (yes, iTunes link ahoy) with their gushing congratulations to themselves and the App Store for the 1-year anniversary of Cupertino's bold experiment. Since the launch one year ago, we've seen over 50,000 apps hit the store (and only a ...

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The mighty mini

While the iPhone, iPod and laptops get most of the glory, the Mac mini chugs quietly along, doing its job well and making owners happy. Earlier at my day job, I was working with one of our minis and recognized how I rely on it to perform a critical function without the slightest hesitation. In other...

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C-Mac and Steve's excellent Cupertino adventure

Every other year for the last 7 years, Shawn King of the Your Mac Life podcast has given the Apple faithful a chance to go on a pilgrimage to 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, the location of Apple headquarters. As part of our continuing coverage of Macworld Expo 2009, Christina Warren and yours truly ...

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China Mobile making things complicated?

China Mobile, the service provider in talks with Apple to distribute the iPhone in the world's most populous country, is still expressing interest in selling the handset, but has plans to open its own online app store. According to Macworld, Wang Jianzhou, China Mobile's chairman and CEO, said at a ...

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Analyst roundup: iPhone sales could drop, production cuts possible

Several analysts have been lowering their expectations for iPhone sales during the first quarter of 2009, pointing to possible cuts in the number of units manufactured, according to a series of articles by Cult of Mac's Ed Sutherland. Barclays Capital today cut its estimate of iPhone sales to 5 mil...

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For us 80s kids: Get a cassette case for your iPod nano

Cult of Mac turned me on to an awesome iPod nano case manufactured by Contexture Design in Vancouver, BC: it's made from a recycled cassette tape. Radical. But move fast -- there are only about a dozen left of these one-of-a-kind cases, which fit first- and second-generation iPod nano models. Eac...

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TUAW Gallery: Apple Vanity Plates

It looks like a lot of you TUAW readers have been pimpin' yo ride with Apple vanity plates. After a couple of weeks of waiting for these plate pics -- several readers had to wait for their cars to be detailed before shooting the glamour shot -- TUAW is proud to present this gallery of Apple cultism ...

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The Apple crop circle

Reader Marc sent us pictures and video of his "Apple garden," which appears to be a large Apple logo on his spacious lawn in Jersey, just off the coast of France. At first I thought it was just a cutout of the grass, but his picture gallery shows that it's growing, so it must be seeded that way. In...

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If Apple made...everything

In the past few years, Apple has moved beyond computers and operating systems to create other digital devices. The iPhone is a marvel, as is the iPod. But what did you expect for a company that's know for impecable, thoughtful design? Now, what would happen if Apple took on even more projects? It's ...

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Line Walk, AT&T Store Union Square

Click To Play See the line at NYC's Union Square AT&T store as of 4:30 pm. ...

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One MacBook, Well Done

We've seen scorched Macs before, but nothing quite like this. After a devastating fire at their Boulder home last week, Gwen and Paul returned to find their formerly sleek white MacBook decidedly crispier. From all of us at TUAW, here's hoping that they get back on their feet fast and back to doi...

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