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TUAW Tip: Make iPhone ringtones with GarageBand

An earlier post about PocketMac Ringtone Studio for iPhone reminded me of how I put together ringtones for my iPhone. I just fire up GarageBand and iTunes, do a little quick magic, and out come the ringtones I want. This doesn't work with protected files such as those you've purchased from the iTun...

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Minefield offers custom builds of Firefox 3

If you think Firefox could run a little faster on your Mac, then you might want to download one of BeatnikPad's custom builds of Firefox 3. "Minefield" (previously known as BonEcho for pre-3.0 releases) is Neil Lee's custom build of Firefox. He is currently offering custom builds for: Minefield ...

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PocketMac Ringtone Studio for iPhone

Information Appliance Associates, the company that brought us the PocketMac series of sync software, has announced PocketMac Ringtone Studio for iPhone. While the $14.95 application doesn't do anything that you can't already do with GarageBand and a little bit of knowledge, it does make creation of...

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Mac 101: Make your own keyboard shortcut

There are two types of Mac users: the mouse-centric, the keyboard jockeys, and those who refuse to sleep with Windows users. OK, three types. This tip is for users like me whose knowledge of each application's set of keyboard shortcuts is prodigious. Even we get stumped occasionally when a shortcut ...

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Better Webclip Icons for 1.1.3 iPhones and iPod touches

Soon after Steve Jobs announced the new 1.1.3, Emil Hedaya realized that a simple meta-refreseh redirect would allow him to create custom icons for any webclip. All you need is a website of your own. You link to your custom pages and have them redirect you to the sites in question. To demonstrate t...

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TUAW Tutorial: Custom Stack Drawer icons

Many folks commented on our recent post about adding those gorgeous drawer icons to your Stacks. As great as the originals are, however, a lot of you also wanted to know how to customize them. Fortunately, the original author was kind enough to make the blank drawer PNG available, so in this li...

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Put TUAW on your iPhone or iPod touch home page

If you want to run lots of Apps on your 1.1.1 iPhone or iPod touch but don't want to install SummerBoard, you can download this SpringBoard patcher that provides you with multi-page support. Copy off Springboard, patch it, put it back onto your device and reboot. It's what I'm running on my iPhone ...

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Found Footage: Custom Apple TV plug-ins debut

Awkward TV has posted this video showing a custom Apple TV plug-in in action. The post mentions that this is the second known custom plug-in (you can see the first in action here), and that it allows you to play .AVI files located on the main disk (rather than the iPod-esque Media library). For...

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Color your iPod

ColorwarePC offers a distinct way to create a personalized iPod. They'll color it for you. For $74, they'll tint your iPod from their palette of 28 colors. Pick one color for the click wheel, one for the front housing, one for the back. Some of their colors are flat. Others have embedded metallic f...

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Edit Mac OS X's custom spelling dictionary

Mac OS X's built-in spell checking abilities are fantastic, but what if you need to edit the custom list of words you've been building, or you want to nail a few birds with one stone by adding a collection of words in one fell swoop? Christopher Breen at Macworld has a good tip for just such a case...

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Bored with's icon? Roll your own

Are you getting tired of other good icons? Hawk Wings, obsessed with all things, has tracked down a Photoshop template for creating your own icon. Courtesy of John Godfrey, this Photoshop template contains instructions for inserting your own images into a icon, and Tim Ga...

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iTMS does storefront customization for radio websites

Two hip-hop radio stations, Power 106 in LA and HOT 97 in NYC, have signed on the dotted line with the iTMS to offer an integrated, customized version of the store right in their own websites. The radio stations can design the store any way they see fit, and feature any artists, recent releases and ...

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Customizable iJacket case for iPod

Brainchild Products, LLC offers a new spin on the iPod case with the custom iPod iJacket, a customizable silicon jacket for "all version of Apple's iPod," though the latest 5G version is not on their list - yet. They offer a slew of interesting and fairly unique pre-designed cases for the ...

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J&R offers custom painted iPod Minis

So, you like the dramatic color of the Special Edition U2 iPod, and you wish that the iPod Mini were available in a color other than silver, green, blue or pink?  Then you're in luck.  J&R is offering iPod Minis in custom colors, including Ferrari Red, Lamborghini Yellow and Smoke Whit...

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