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Tag: customer satisfaction

AT&T Wireless CEO not worried if Verizon gets the iPhone

That's the word from AT&T honcho Ralph de la Vega this morning at a JPMorgan tech conference, as reported by Business Insider. Now Ralphie is not sayin' Verizon will get the iPhone, but he thinks if they do it will have a minimal impact. He told the crowd that switching carriers is a tough th...

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Apple's online store brought the Merry into the 2009 Christmas season

In some more bright, shiny, and happy Apple news for this first day of 2010, Computerworld is reporting that Apple's online store took top honors for customer satisfaction in terms of the holiday shopping experience at a computer or electronics manufacturer's site. The numbers from Michigan-based...

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New York Times: Windows Mobile sinking, Android and Apple benefit

This morning, the New York Times had an interesting piece about the shift in cellphone momentum away from Microsoft to Android and the iPhone. The story refers to Windows Mobile as 'foundering,' which won't bring much happiness to Redmond. Of course, Microsoft already knows that they're quickly beco...

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New York Times calls iPhone the 'Hummer of cellphones'

Why? Because the iPhone sucks up network bandwidth on a rather massive scale. The article, available online, tells a story most iPhone users already know. AT&T was unprepared for the massive assault on the 3G network from phones that stream audio and video, and surf the web at a rate far highe...

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J.D. Power says iPhone tops smartphone ratings

Given all the other good publicity the iPhone has been getting, it won't come as any great surprise that the J.D. Power survey released today says: Apple ranks highest among smartphone manufacturers with a score of 791, performing particularly well in ease of operation, operating system, features an...

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Apple ranked #4 among online retailers

A holiday survey of shopper satisfaction with e-retailers ranked Apple as number 4, with 78% of customers pleased with purchases made on the Apple website. The survey was conducted by ForeSee Results and FGI Research. Only two online retailers scored above 80 percent, with Amazon and Netflix tied at...

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Apple among Gen Y most trusted brands

Ok, Generation Y, which brands do you trust the most (for the record, "Generation Y" is comprised of people between the ages of 21-27)? Outlaw Consulting asked that question to a group they referred to as their "...most forward trendsetter* panelists" across several US cities, and Apple topped the l...

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