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Apple buying land for expansion in Austin, Texas

In May of this year, Apple worked with local and state officials in Texas to secure an economic development package with the promise of expanding its presence in the city of Austin. Now the company is following up on its promise, buying up land in Austin to begin the expansion. The Austin Busine...

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Apple trademarks 'Express Lane' and 'VoicePass'

Apple has filed two new trademarks right before the holidays this week. VoicePass is the first one -- it's filed in the category of "construction and repair services," so it likely has to do with supporting broken devices. MacNN says that the VoicePass service is used when calling in to customer su...

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What Apple CSRs see

Over at UneasySilence, Dan has discovered something interesting. Someone has apparently leaked a screenshot that shows a moment in an Apple customer rep's day. The screen shot includes a multi-person support session via AIM, and a customer search interface. Lou Wheeler, the CSR whose desktop was po...

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