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Tag: customization

ColorWare does their thing for the iPhone 3G

If black and white aren't enough for you, ColorWare is now offering their gadget coloring service for the iPhone 3G. Their iPhone site allows you to customize parts of your phone with 35 different colors on an à la carte basis. Obviously you have to send in your iPhone and the service takes ...

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Custom "Stealth iPhone" from ColorWare

If you're willing to go the extra mile (and paycheck) to customize your gadgets, but you're not a big fan of the flashy ColorWare colors that we've covered before, the new custom edition matte black iPhone (Stealth iPhone) may be the ticket. ColorWare has been making drastic hue adjustments on iPhon...

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ColorWare does the Air

Macs, in general, have always been works of art compared to their rivals, and the MacBook Air is a pinnacle achievement in the line of lust-worthy Apple computers. There's just never been a lot of color choice in the Apple's lineup. For the audacious souls who choose to express their personality thr...

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How to tweak the Leopard Dock's color

Earlier, I posted about how you can revert those new lights in Leopard's Dock back to Tiger's old triangles (and I can't say I was too surprised to find out that most of you didn't want to revert anything-- do what feels right, man), and I said that the next thing to go would be Leopard's shiny Dock...

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Shades: application color customization

You know those paint color sample strips that you typically see in home improvement stores? They usually have different shades of the same color on individual strips so that you can easily compare and fine-tune your color choices. Shades 1.0 applies this same methodology of color selection to the st...

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Color your iPod

ColorwarePC offers a distinct way to create a personalized iPod. They'll color it for you. For $74, they'll tint your iPod from their palette of 28 colors. Pick one color for the click wheel, one for the front housing, one for the back. Some of their colors are flat. Others have embedded metallic f...

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Tutorial: Customize your disk images

MurphyMac has posted a video tutorial showing how to customize your dmg containers to make them look more professional. The tutorial walks you through the steps of creating a disk image, adding a background graphic, and saving the result for production and distribution. A fully customized dmg file ...

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Visage Login - customize Mac OS X's login screen

If the design of Apple's Mac OS X login screen just isn't floatin' yer boat, Visage Login might be worth a look. With two separate versions - one for 10.4 and another for 10.1-10.3 - this is one of the few apps I remember where 10.3 users have some features to brag about over Tiger users. As an app ...

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