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Folder Icon X 3.0

If default icons just aren't doing it for you anymore, Folder Icon X might be just the tool you need to add your own touch. As the app's name suggests, Folder Icon X is a one-trick (though feature-rich) pony that allows you to add other icons and images to standard folder and file icons to imbue th...

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MoRU - what Spotlight should be?

Rob Griffiths over at MacOSXHints has discovered MoRU, an app that builds upon the power of Spotlight with its offering of far more customizable search queries. Instead of searching for everything across your entire Mac with Spotlight, consider how much handier it would be to say: "show me thes...

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TUAW Tip: Customize the Finder's toolbar, too

Dave Caolo showed you how to take control of the Finder's sidebar a couple weeks back. Today, I wanted to shed the same light on the Finder's toolbar, as you can customize it and add some tools not found in a default Mac OS X installation. The first thing I like to do is add 'other' kinds of folder...

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BlogBridge, a second look

BlogBridge might still be a little too rough around the edges to de-throne NetNewsWIre - the web's most popular newsreader on either Windows or OS X - but it has a rocking feature set that I think the folks at Ranchero/Newsgator had better start paying attention to. C.K. took a look at a 1.0 release...

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