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Tag: daily iphone app

Daily App: Refresh will coach you on the people involved in your next meeting

Refresh is the digital equivalent of the rolodex with a whole bunch of extra features that help you know someone before you actually meet them. An advanced contacts manager, Refresh lets you get insights on other people in just a few seconds. Refresh is your social network curator, contacts manag...

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Daily App: Juxtaposer provides powerful editing tools to precisely combine images

Juxtaposer is a compositing tool that allows you to the take the best elements of one image and combine it with a second image to create a whole new scene. Pocket Pixels has been steadily updating the app since it launched in 2008 and has turned it into one of the best tools to combine two images ...

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Daily App: Photos+ expands to become a viewer for your animated GIFs, Dropbox images

Image view and management app Photos+ from SecondGear recently changed hands and is now being developed by SilverPine Software. Since its transfer, Photos+ has undergone two revisions that have expanded the utility of the photo viewing app for iOS. The biggest revision is the return of animated g...

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Daily App: har•mo•ny 2 will stimulate both sides of your brain

Borderleap is making a name for itself in the puzzle game genre, launching both the color blending game Blendamaze and the sliding tile game har•mo•ny last year. Not resting on its laurels, Borderleap is back again with har•mo•ny 2, which landed in the App Store last week. Har...

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All the best hardware and app reviews last week on TUAW

Last week was a busy one with new hardware and apps making their way into TUAW's virtual office. Here's a quick roundup of our recent reviews you may have missed. App Reviews Camera Lock for OS X keeps prying eyes from spying on you Emergensee is a security system in your hand Bank of Americ...

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Daily App: Two Dots will have you thinking about connecting dots all day long

Two Dots, the sequel to last year's popular Dots game, has climbed to the top of the iOS App Store charts -- and for good reason. Two Dots takes the basic gameplay of the original Dots game (connect as many vertical or horizontal dots of the same color in a grid as you can) and builds upon it with...

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Daily App: StillShot allows you to pick the best photos from your video clips

Similar to Vhoto, StillShot from Macadamia Apps allows you to grab a still photo from a video. While Vhoto automates the process for you, StillShot allows you scroll through the video frame-by-frame and choose the best shot. StillShot is extremely easy to use. Just open the app, select your video...

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Daily App: Alarmed is a standout reminders and alarm clock app

Alarmed is a standout reminders app that is focused on helping you get things done. Rather than a task manager with an alarm thrown in, Alarmed is an alarm clock app that is tailor-made for your to-do list. The standout feature offered by Alarmed is the variety of alarm sounds that ship with th...

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Daily App: Morning Sun is a free alarm clock for iOS with some unique features

Morning Sun from Pico Brothers is a nifty addition to the popular alarm clock category in the iOS App Store. The free app (with some in-app purchases that are free for a limited time) mimics the colors of sunlight to wake you up. Morning Sun controls your iOS display brightness, turning the display ...

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Daily App: Turn yourself into a rocket scientist with SimpleRockets

If you want to be a rocket scientist, then you need to check out SimpleRockets from Jundroo. The space exploration game lets you build own rockets from scratch and take them on interplanetary test flights as you hone your rocket-building skills. You'll spend half your time in Simple Rockers in th...

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Daily App: Litely uses a soft touch when applying filters to your photos

Recently launched in the App Store, Litely is an image editing app that offers a gentle touch when it comes to everyone's favorite image enhancing tools -- filters. Unlike other similar filter-centric apps, Litely's effects are subtle -- designed to enhance the natural beauty of an image, not to c...

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Daily App: Why 100 Balls is at the top of the App Store charts

100 Balls landed on the App Store last month and rocketed to the top of the free apps chart, where it has been sitting for more than a week. What makes this game so special that it can claim the top spot for so long? We took 100 Balls for a spin to find out. 100 Balls is an arcade style game offe...

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All the best new apps and app reviews last week on TUAW

Last week was a busy one for app news and announcements, giving your favorite TUAW writers a chance to post some great reviews of the apps that grace their home screens. Here's a quick roundup of our recent reviews -- and the best new apps -- you may have missed. App Reviews Just in time for h...

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Daily App: Stack the States is a must-have educational game that quizzes you on US Geography

Stack the States by Freecloud Design is a geography game that makes learning about the 50 states fun for children and adults. The app quizzes you on a variety of information about the states including capitals, borders, flags and notable landmarks. The main part of the game challenges you to ente...

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Daily App: Piano Tiles adds music to popular Don't Step the White Tile game

Don't Step the White Tile is a reaction game that challenges you to tap all the moving black tiles, while avoiding the white ones. It rocketed to the top of the App Store charts when it debuted earlier this year. The app's success has spurred a handful of clever clones that build upon the basic pr...

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