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Daily iPhone App: Dojo Danger is worth the wait

It's hard to believe it was almost exactly a year ago that I met up with Kihon at last year's Game Developers' Conference to see this game called Dojo Danger. It's now available on the App Store, but it took quite a while. Even though the game was almost finished last year, Kihon chose to focus...

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Daily iPhone App: Poker Knight combines poker hands with an RPG

Poker Knight is a game that I was really excited to see coming to the App Store. I'm a big fan of poker, and I'm a big fan of role-playing games, so when that trailer arrived, I was right away looking forward to seeing what this one was like. Unfortunately, it didn't quite live up to my expec...

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Daily iPhone App: Note.S is a simple and impressive daily journal

Yes, there are plenty of notes apps out there, in varying amounts of quality and cost, and odds are that you already have some notes saved up somewhere on your iOS device (for me, it's right there in the official Notes app). But every once in a while, an app comes along that's just so simple an...

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Daily iPhone App: Cthulu Saves the World arrives from Xbox Live Indie Games

Zeboyd Games is a very impressive up-and-coming indie games company. They just released the third game in the Penny Arcade series on Xbox Live Indie Games to rave reviews. Cthulhu Saves the World is one of their earlier titles, and it did quite well on that same platform. It's a retro RPG in ...

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Daily iPhone App: Swordigo hacks and slashes in 2D

Swordigo is a really impressive venture on iOS. It's a 2D-action platformer with a lot of nice RPG elements. In other words, it's a 2D Legend of Zelda title, and it lives up to that comparison quite well. There are a few weak points. The graphics aren't exactly impressive though they do get t...

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Daily iPhone App: Off the Leash provides chaotic canine fun

Off the Leash is a game that arrived a little while ago on the iPhone, but it's gotten a few updates since I first played it, and it just so happens to be free on May 10. It's an endless runner, but instead of a side-scroller, it runs from the top down, and it's got a few new elements to this g...

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Daily iPhone App: WorldView+

It's no secret I'm fond of webcams from around the world, and I'd forgotten about a little gem I downloaded long ago: WorldView+. As far as these apps go, WorldView+ has possibly the best design of all of them. Also, like many other webcam apps, it has some missing cameras (although it touts 10,00...

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Daily iPad App: deck

The iPad's built-in iPod app used to be my favorite way to interact with music on any device. It struck a good compromise between the heavy, sidebar-driven UI of iTunes on the Mac and the simple text-only music browsing on the iPhone. Then iOS 5 came along and ruined everything; the old iPod app g...

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Daily iPad App: Fuze Meeting HD connects to telepresence systems

The flexible Fuze Meeting web conferencing platform already had a very solid iOS story, with the ability to schedule and start meetings from the iPad (including multiparty HD videoconferencing). Now, with the recently released version 4.0 of the app, the company is building a bridge to corporate h...

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Daily iPhone App: WorldCard Mobile scans your business card collection

The paper business card may go away someday if innovative apps like Bump and Evernote Hello take over, but for now we're still dealing with these little chunks of cardboard. Of course, in almost all cases it's not the physical object we care about, but rather the data printed on the card. (Some ex...

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Daily iPad App: Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics first came out for the original PlayStation in 1997 as a more strategic take on the famous roleplaying game franchise. I didn't get around to playing it until 2001, but when I did, it turned out to be a peerless game that still ranks among my all-time favorites. Between a dee...

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Daily iPhone App: World Live Cams

An app for webcams for our Daily iPhone App? I have to admit, I'm a webcam junkie. There's something about being able to peek in on places around the world that seems like the future to me. Slothcam has always had a spot on my Dashboard (and I bought the app), but World Live Cams caught my attenti...

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Daily Mac App: Gemini finds and removes duplicate files

After years of buying hard drives and moving files around, digital hoarders like myself eventually wind up with duplicate files all over the place. A few gigabytes here and there can add up, so Gemini aims to help you find and delete duplicate files across devices. It's a beautifully designed app,...

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Daily iPad App: Fathead

There's something intriguing about Fathead, but honestly, I don't really know what it is. The game is pretty standard -- similar to other titles like Jelly Car or Epic Truck, the goal is to drive a physics-based vehicle across a 2D world, landing jumps and flips as you can. And Fathead has the ...

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Daily Mac App: FlashMount quickly mounts disk images

DMG files are often used when distributing Mac software outside the Mac App Store. While DMGs can be confusing to new users, I like them because they allow me to keep an original, unmodified version of whatever program I have downloaded. About the only drawback for me is that some DMGs come with a...

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