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Daily iPad App: Air Harp

The Air Harp is an interesting stringed instrument. It produces breath-taking sounds, yet it's relatively easy to play. It's so easy that many elementary schools use the instrument to teach children music. If you enjoy the sound of a harp and don't want to worry about tuning the strings, you sh...

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Daily iPad App: Sonic CD

Honestly, I can't really profess to be that big a Sonic fan. I like and have played most of the 2D iterations of Sega's headline platformer series on the Genesis, the Game Gear, and most recently, iOS. But I'm not a superfan by any means, and if I've ever played Sonic CD before, I don't remembe...

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Daily iPhone App: Postcard on the Run

I've traveled to over 30 countries since 2009, and today I wish I had brought Postcard on the Run with me. I've been using the app for the last few weeks and have become infinitely fond of it. Postcard on the Run lets you take a picture on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and turn it into a pos...

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Daily iPad App: Grand Theft Auto 3

I'm not quite willing to call Grand Theft Auto 3 old school -- I spent so much time on the original top-down versions of the series that those are still more retro to me than the fully 3D graphics and living, open-world city that GTA3 made famous on the consoles (a tradition that continues righ...

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Daily iPhone App: IM+ with Beep

IM+ is one of the top-rated Instant messaging clients in the iOS app store. It has universal device support, and a list of features that'll suit any messaging fan. Shape Services, the company behind IM +, is constantly improving its iOS app. The latest update landed today and includes Beep, a new...

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Daily iPhone App: Nixie Clock

I'm probably a little weird, but sometimes I love listening to police scanners and various chit chat as I'm going to bed. I also like analog devices, so a Nixie Clock Radio seemed like a neat idea: the look of the classic Nixie clock merged with streaming radio and an alarm/sleep timer. It works a...

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Daily iPhone App: Inertia: Escape Velocity HD

Inertia is a really amazing platformer for the iPhone that uses a mechanic I haven't seen in any game in recent memory. It's a platformer, so you control a little spaceman that can walk left and right and jump from platform to platform. But Intertia adds another button that essentially will kee...

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Daily iPhone App: The River Test

The River Test is an iPhone app that's part game, part logic puzzle and a whole lot of fun. It's based on a Japanese IQ test that supposedly given to job candidates. It's believed that only 10% of the population can solve it without assistance. The idea behind the puzzle game is straightforwa...

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Daily iPhone App: Wizard Ops

Wizard Ops is quite a game -- it doesn't feature a ton of polish (as you can probably tell from the screens above), but what it lacks in graphical flair, it definitely makes up for in the gameplay department. It's a game about wizards, obviously, who can cast magical spells, but it's actually m...

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Daily iPhone App: Happy Hills

Happy Hills is an interesting title -- it's similar to the awesome iBlast Moki 2, though it's not quite as good or as well-produced as that one. The way it works is that you need to use a series of bombs to blow a set of obstacles off of "hills" (which are actually columns with eyes, in an art ...

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Daily iPhone App: Battle Nations

You may have played Z2Live's first big freemium iOS game, Trade Nations, and the recently released Battle Nations is a sort of spiritual sequel to that one. It features the same kind of Farmville-style gameplay, so if that turns you off, you should probably just go ahead and move on (Happy Than...

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Daily iPhone App: Ticket to Ride Pocket

Days of Wonder's Ticket to Ride is one of the most acclaimed board game titles around, and the iPad version has done very well on the platform so far, bringing the "collect cards to build railroad routes" action of the board game to Apple's tablet. But the game didn't arrive on the iPhone until...

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Daily iPhone App: Dungeon Defenders Second Wave

Today's spotlight is a bit of an anomaly. We've already highlighted Dungeon Defenders in this space, when it was first released on iOS. But the current iteration of the game, called Second Wave, is worth highlighting again: It's been almost completely overhauled in terms of graphics, game eleme...

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Daily iPhone App: Steambirds: Survival

You may remember the game Steambirds from a previous Daily App post. It's a turn-based flight simulator that plays like a board game. Instead of actually flying your planes, you move them turn by turn. It's a game about strategic positioning and planning. Now, developers Spry Fox have teamed up...

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Daily iPhone App: Fara

Fara is quite a game. The gameplay itself new -- in fact, the script even jokes that the hack-and-slash, Zelda-style title has been done before (by a guy in a green cap). It's Fara's style that's special. The backgrounds and characters are all hand-painted, and the script's self-referential wri...

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