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Daily iPhone App: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a really interesting gift from Square Enix for Final Fantasy fans. It's a music game that was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS earlier this year, in which players can play a touchscreen game with songs culled from Final Fantasy soundtracks, supported by a pro...

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Daily iPhone App: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Anniversary is a great way to relive the memories

I don't know why it's so unbelievable for me to see this game running in full motion on my iPhone's screen. The iPhone 5 is a powerful device, and we've seen quite a few console-quality titles on the App Store. But there's something special about this game, probably the most coherent and well-m...

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Daily iPhone App: Recall helps you remember that recommendation

Recall is an app that we were shown at WWDC last year, and it actually came out on the App Store last month, in a US-only release. But this week, the company behind the app has released it to a worldwide audience, and it's available now to everyone for a launch price of 99 cents. The idea beh...

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Daily iPhone App: Sonic Jump is Sega's first mobile-only iOS title

Sega has released quite a few iOS games so far. Just search the App Store for "Sega" to bring up lots and lots of various Sega-made titles. Many of those games are published by Sega and developed by other companies. The games that Sega has made are essentially all ports, or games that appeared ...

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Daily iPhone App: Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run is the kind of iOS game that should be terrible. It looks from the outset like a blatant cash grab by Ubisoft, re-using the various sounds, graphics and gameplay from its popular Rayman Origins console platformer on iOS. But here's the thing: Rayman Origins is such a gorgeous ...

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Daily iPhone App: Plume is a simple and charming social network-powered reader

Plume was recommended to me a while back by fellow TUAWer Brett Terpstra, and while it does look lovely on first site, it's one of those apps that really only shows its usefulness after a while. Plume is a reading app (currently for iPhone only) that pulls links and content automatically from...

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Daily iPhone App: GPS4CAM adds geolocation to your DSLR photos

While many photography applications like iPhoto and Aperture can make use of GPS information in terms of grouping pictures by location, there aren't a lot of cameras that have built-in GPS receivers. Of course, that's not a problem if you do all or most of your photography with an iPhone, since a...

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Daily iPhone App: Wizorb turns Breakout into an RPG

Wizorb is a title that originally came out on Steam, but it just recently arrived on iOS, and it's a nice one to have in our gigantic library. The game is a mix of breakout and the old 8/16-bit RPGs, and the combat is essentially the old Breakout game. You use a paddle at the bottom of the scre...

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Daily iPhone App: Cthulu Saves the World arrives from Xbox Live Indie Games

Zeboyd Games is a very impressive up-and-coming indie games company. They just released the third game in the Penny Arcade series on Xbox Live Indie Games to rave reviews. Cthulhu Saves the World is one of their earlier titles, and it did quite well on that same platform. It's a retro RPG in ...

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Daily iPhone App: Avocado aims to connect couples on the go

In any marriage or romantic partnership, there are moments of agreement, negotiation, compromise and conflict -- but, above all, there has to be communication, digital or otherwise. The team behind the couple-centric new app and web service Avocado, which includes three couples, aims to facilit...

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Daily iPhone App: Catapult King is beautifully destructive

Catapult King lacks innovation on the surface, unfortunately. It looks like an Angry Birds clone in 3D, and that's basically what it is. I say "unfortunately" because I hope that won't keep you from giving it a look anyway. I saw this title for the first time at E3 last week, and while I am not...

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Daily iPhone App: Duckers is colorful fun for free

Duckers is a game we've been waiting for quite a while. I first saw it last year at 360iDev, where Retro Dreamer (the same guys behind iOS' Velocispider) showed it to me as a work in progress. But now it's all finished and available on the App Store as a free download. It's certainly a colorf...

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Daily iPhone App: Amoebattle does RTS right

Most takes on real-time strategy for the App Store have to corrupt the form in some way, yet some still turn out well (see Total War Battles for a a great RTS game that takes a different turn). But Amoebattle impressively does RTS as you expect it. You choose units, send them around exploring, ...

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Daily iPhone App: MyTunes Pro makes your music sound better

MyTunes has been on the App Store for a little while. It's developed by SRS that uses that company's patented sound enhancement algorithms to make music sound "better." It's not completely clear what the algorithm does (as SRS wants to keep it secret), but basically, the tech boosts and lowers ...

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Daily iPhone App: Battleloot Adventure tweaks turn-based RPG combat

When I first heard about Battleloot Adventure, it was being compared to the great Battleheart game on iOS. That's a fair comparison given the way the game looks, but I think I have a much better one: old-school Final Fantasy, with a focus on combat. As you might have expected, Battleloot Advent...

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