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Daily Mac app: Battery Health monitors your Mac's battery

With all the talk of battery life of iPhones and iPads it's easy to forget that your laptop battery needs some attention every so often. My laptop battery is pretty old, and it doesn't last as long as it used to. No surprise there, but I'd like to easily quantify its condition. That's where a f...

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Daily Mac App: Gemini finds and removes duplicate files

After years of buying hard drives and moving files around, digital hoarders like myself eventually wind up with duplicate files all over the place. A few gigabytes here and there can add up, so Gemini aims to help you find and delete duplicate files across devices. It's a beautifully designed app,...

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Daily Mac App: Book Palette adds ten new templates to iBooks Author

That didn't take long. Only a few weeks after Apple's iBooks Author app debuted, template publisher Jumsoft began shipping Book Palette (US$2.99), a collection of ten professionally designed templates for iBooks Author. I had an opportunity to try Book Palette, which is packaged as a Mac app. Once...

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Daily Mac App: AirBeam

If you have an iPhone and iPad or Mac, you can set up an indoor surveillance system. All you need to get it going is AirBeam, which is software that turns your iPhone into a spy cam and your Mac desktop into a remote viewing station. Setup is simple -- just install AirBeam on all your hardware and...

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Daily Mac App: PixFit

Last week, we looked at SnapRuler, a tool for measuring the dimensions of an object on your screen. This week, we are taking a look at PixFit, a similar, but less expensive tool for taking measurements. Whether it's a square image or an irregularly-shaped block of text, PixFit will give you the...

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Daily Mac App: Slender

New from Dragon Forged Software, Slender (US$9.99, currently on sale for $4.99) is a narrowly-focused utility that will either be exactly the tool you're looking for or one you can safely skip. It helps you non-destructively optimize Xcode projects by allowing you to view, evaluate, and adjust ...

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Daily Mac App: SnapRuler

It wasn't too long ago that I was faced with the task of redesigning a website -- replacing all the images, re-doing an image map and implementing a layout with multiple columns. This task required lots of on-screen measurements, and my method of taking screenshots and measuring them in Photosh...

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Daily Mac app: TurboCollage

Lately I've become a big fan of making photo collages. They can be a bit complicated to create in Photoshop or Elements, so we're beginning to see simpler targeted apps appear for both iOS and Mac OSX. We've reviewed one nice app for iOS called Diptic and now I want to turn your attention to Turb...

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Daily Mac App: Fluid

Fluid lets you create an "app" out of a website. If you use one specific website all the time, this alone is very handy. For example, if you wanted a browser specifically for Gmail, you could make one using Fluid and set its own icon, download directory, and other settings. Or maybe you heard abo...

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Daily Mac App: Typingstats

Typing- whether it's writing a blog post or responding to an email, almost everyone with a computer has to type. So why not make it fun? One way to liven up your typing experience is to use the small utility Typingstats. Typingstats is an OS X app that sits in your menu bar and keeps track of...

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Daily Mac App: Tab Launcher

For many people, it's kind of pointless to go searching for a Dock replacement. The Dock itself is one of the most attractive features of OS X and is actually one of the things that lured me into adopting Macs at home seven years ago. But when you have a smaller screen to work with, especially on...

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Daily Mac App: iExplorer

Like most technically-inclined folks, I found myself doing a little family tech support over the holidays. I needed to use an iPod touch as a USB drive to copy files between my Mac and my brother's Windows 7 computer. This isn't something I'll do often so I was looking for something easy and free....

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Daily Mac App: Fireworks HD

Some apps deliver exactly what they say on the package. Fireworks HD provides a display of artistic explosions to the desktop. Retailing for just $0.99, Fireworks HD works both as an app and a screen saver. Unlike most fireworks apps, HD uses actual video footage rather than simulated emitter ef...

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Daily Mac App: Camtasia 2

TechSmith's Camtasia for Mac received an update this week to version 2.0, and the improvements made an already good screencasting app even better. To start with, TechSmith listened to feedback and redesigned the user interface for the editor. It's easier to use now, with less searching for the ...

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Daily Mac App: Snapheal

A lot of digital photographers and iPhoneographers would love to have the ability to touch up their photos, but find some of the apps a bit hard to master. Now MacPhun LLC, developers of the FX Photo Studio, FX Photo Studio Pro, and Color Splash Studio apps (among others), has come up with an easy...

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