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Apple releases Darwin 9.0, Unix foundation of Leopard

Back when the Intel Macs first appeared there was a delay from Apple in releasing Darwin 8, the open-source BSD/Unix foundation of Tiger. Crazy theories were adduced, and bad intentions attributed to Apple, but eventually Darwin 8 for Intel Macs was released. Apple seems to have moved even faster wi...

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OpenDarwin shutting down

OpenDarwin, a project that I would imagine most TUAW readers didn't know about, is shutting down. The original idea behind OpenDarwin was to create features and bug fixes for Darwin, the UNIX foundation of OS X, which Apple would roll into the code that they distribute. Sadly, it would seem, that r...

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Clarification: Apple has not closed the Intel-based Darwin kernel

OSNews is reporting that Ernest Prabhakar, Apple's Open Source and Open Standards product manager, has stated in the Fed-Talk mailing that Apple has not actually closed Mac OS X's Darwin kernel for the Intel version of the OS; they simply haven't released it yet. Speculation about Apple closing the ...

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Apple to users: Don't hack your Intel Mac

Ah, the halcyon days of OS X, they seem to be coming to a close. What the hell am I talking about? Why, Apple's decision to close the kernel of OS X on their new Intel machines. This means that no longer can you recompile, slim down, or otherwise monkey around the kernel of OS X (if you are on Intel...

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A glimpse into working with Apple on Open Source

Writing for Deamon News, Rob Braun gives up a brief history of Apple's Open Source Efforts. It seems that working with Apple on the open source components of OS X (i.e. Darwin) hasn't always been an easy proposition, and with the release of the Intel Macs Apple seems to be holding back key parts of ...

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