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Dashboard for iPad concept app

TechCrunch found this sweet app by Carnegie Mellon student Rich Hong that puts Dashboard on your iPad. As you can see from the video above, it appears Hong has successfully ported Mac OS X's Dashboard directly to the iPad, though it is missing some of the iPhone's built-in apps like Calculator,...

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Three ways to disable Expose and Dashboard

A friend wrote to ask: Is there a way to turn off Expose without opening System Preferences, clicking on each drop-down menu and selecting the -- option? Because sometimes I just don't need it. Or it confuses my Mother. Or my advisor. To be clear, she knows that she could go to System Preferences &...

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Will iPad be missing some iPhone apps?

Wired noticed that there are some notable exceptions among the announced iPad apps, including Stocks, Calculator, Clock, Weather and Voice Memos. These apps could be available for download through the App Store. However, blogger Kevin Fox suggested last month that could hint toward a possible Das...

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Mystery key on iPad keyboard = Dashboard?

One of the accessories that will be available for the iPad at its launch is a dock with a full-sized keyboard. On the top row of the keyboard, where the Escape, F1 - F12, and Eject keys are on a standard Mac keyboard, are 14 keys geared toward the iPad's interface. In place of Escape there's a dedic...

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Patent suggests location-based social networking for iPhone

Imagine you and a friend are on a phone call, and both of you own iPhones. You're trying to meet up somewhere downtown in a city neither of you know very well, so the best answer you can give your friend when he asks, "Where are you now?" is "Uhhh..." followed by several seconds of silence. It's alr...

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Give your Dashboard a kick in the pants

After reading through the comments on my post about Dashboard Widgets, I noticed quite a few people lamented the fact that the widgets have to go through a 'start-up' process every time you turn on your Mac or log out and log back in. Well, not anymore. We actually covered this four years ago, ba...

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Widgets: "iPhone apps, I am your father."

Don't get me wrong, I love the iPhone and its App Store juggernaut, it's just sometimes it seems that people have forgotten all about the iPhone app's father: the Dashboard widget. First introduced in Mac OS X Tiger in 2005, widgets changed the way people quickly accessed simple information on the...

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AccuWeather Widget provides a rich alternative to Apple's Weather widget

When I recently wrote about hacking Apple's Weather Widget, a common question was: "Can you tell me how to change Apple's Weather widget to use again?" Now you might think this is just coming from some people who don't like any form of change, but several people said that the new we...

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Weather Widget with time, updated for Snow Leopard

Back in 2005, John Gruber wrote about Hacking Apple's Weather Widget to Show the Time of the Last Update. I was disappointed to learn that my customized Weather widget no longer worked in Snow Leopard, and for some reason John's instructions no longer worked for the Snow Leopard version of the Weat...

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Found footage: Dashboard for iPhone on your lock screen

Why didn't Apple think of this? SmartScreen lets you add widgets to your iPhone lock screen, providing an interactive dashboard experience whenever you wake up your device. The software is jailbreak-only (as you'd probably expect, given its standard system-defying functionality) and will be launch...

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Widget Watch: hiddenfiles

Ever wonder what files your Mac is hiding from you? Maybe not, but once in a while there's a need to peek at the stuff OS X keeps you from viewing. Finder does a nice job of hiding the "guts" of some folders, you see, but there are occasions (troubleshooting, setting up a web server, looking for som...

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Widget watch: Add iCal events using natural language with QuickCal

A new widget has found its way onto my Dashboard: QuickCal. It makes adding iCal events as easy as typing a natural-language string such as "lunch with Aditi at noon tomorrow." The widget parses the text as you type and shows what it finds below the entry area, letting you know if it understands y...

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Image Upload widget updated to 1.1.1

Up until recently, the Image Upload widget from Model Concept wasn't exactly working as designed. We described in detail a process for fixing the widget, however it was not particularly easy. The developer responsible for the widget, Tom Stoelwinder, contacted me to say that he had fixed the widget ...

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Fixing the Image Upload widget

The Image Upload widget featured here is a freeware widget by Model Concept which allows you to upload an image to ImageShack simply by dropping it onto the widget. The result is that the URL is auto-magically saved to your clipboard. The overall experience is pretty slick; it supports audio and Gro...

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Throwboy Dock Icon pillows

We're in the middle of gift guide season right now, but here's a gift that would fit great on any Mac user's list: Throwboy has designed a set of throw pillows after some of the Dock's most famous icons, including iTunes, iPhoto, Dashboard, and the Finder. They're 100% fleece, hand-crafted, and lo...

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