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Original iPhone owners can also keep their unlimited data with iPhone 4

Remember the original iPhone and its wicked-fast EDGE connection? Turns out being an early adopter has some value after all. Original iPhone users have been paying $20/month for unlimited 2G data and 200 text messages per month. Since AT&T is no longer offering new unlimited plans, I assumed ...

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Data usage sticker shock: How I learned to freak out when my daughter used my iPhone 3GS

I tend to be a pretty light data user. As the chart here shows, my monthly data consumption rarely exceeds the 200 MB mark. After all the events of this week, with AT&T announcing its new, and quite limited, data plans I decided to hop over to my iPhone account page and see how I was doing in...

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Orange UK announces iPad Wi-Fi + 3G data plan pricing for UK

They may have a hung parliament in the UK, but at least they know what to do about iPad data plan pricing. Fast on the heels of Apple's announcement of iPad availability in a number of international locales, we've heard from Orange UK about what they'll be charging iPad Wi-Fi + 3G owners for data...

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iPad 101: Managing your 3G data plans

Much as I love AT&T's prepaid services, their interactive system for purchasing feature packages... well, it kind of sucks. I can't count the number of hours I have spent on their 611 purchase line trying to get the chirpy fake human at the other end (no, seriously, the robot is very cheerful an...

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Rogers allows iPhone tethering in Canada for no extra charge until 2010

While US iPhone users are stuck waiting for AT&T to get their act together, Rogers in Canada has stunned iPhone users by not actively trying to screw users right out of the gate as they did when announcing the data plan pricing for the iPhone last year. After a high-profile backlash, Rogers was ...

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Drop your iPhone data plan, keep voice

Sick of paying $20 a month for EDGE? Want to save $240/year? TUAW reader Josh tipped us off to his iPhone News post that reveals that you can now remove it from your plan. If you rarely use EDGE and live around ubiquitous WiFi (like I do), this is a great way to save some money. I gave this a try my...

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Rumors: iPhones without contracts? Probably not

Over at iPhone Matters, Tanner Godarzi asks whether you'll be able to buy an iPhone without a new contract, speculating that stores with extra inventory may allow just that. I think that's pretty unlikely. The commercials clearly state "Use requires a minimum new 2-year activation plan". Godarzi als...

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