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Video eats 4G LTE data plans fast

Verizon's and AT&T's LTE networks are so fast and so convenient that iPad owners are blowing through their data cap in a matter of hours, says a Wall Street Journal report. iPad broadband plans start at 250 MB for US$14.99 on AT&T and 1 GB for $20 on Verizon. Plans go up in increments...

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Apple's job-creation data spawns debate

Last Friday, Apple released employment data that suggests the company is directly and indirectly responsible for 500,000 jobs in the US. Now that the study has been out for a few days, economists are debating its accuracy, says a New York Times report. Some believe Apple is boosting its numbers by...

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AT&T adds a throttling limit of 3GB for iPhone owners on unlimited plan

AT&T announced on Thursday that it now has a policy for throttling users on unlimited data plans. According to an AT&T statement relayed by Ars Technica, the wireless carrier will begin to throttle customers with a 3G/HSPA+ handset at 3 GB and 4G LTE handset owners at 5 GB. This new 3 GB s...

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Small claims action to combat AT&T data throttling

Are you an iPhone owner with an unlimited plan? Are you being throttled by AT&T for using the data on your plan? If so, you may want to follow in the footsteps of Matt Spaccarelli who sued AT&T in small claims court. After a quick trial, the judge awarded him $850 in damages. AT&T's co...

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AT&T announces new smartphone data plans

AT&T has announced new smartphone data plans, outlined below and effective January 22. This is the first significant update to AT&T's smartphone data plans in a year and a half, aside from AT&T's inclusion of an additional 2 GB of data per month for tethering customers. We've provided ...

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Sprint struggles to replicate iPhone 4S users' speed concern

Most Sprint customers are happy to finally have the iPhone, but for some users, the experience has been less than stellar. A small, but growing number of Sprint customers are complaining of slow data speeds. So slow that Siri and other network-sensitive features won't work. These complaints s...

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Yahoo data center head Scott Noteboom joins Apple

Apple has picked up the former head of Yahoo's Global Data Center Infrastructure, Scott Noteboom, according to his LinkedIn profile. Noteboom's been with Yahoo since back in 2005, but now lists his job as working at Apple as a "Distinguished Gentleman" (a well-earned title, obviously, though pr...

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Q3 enterprise adoption: iPhone slips, Android gains, iPad owns the tablet space

Along with Apple's quarterly results earlier this week, there's another report hitting today that covers a growing segment of the mobile device market: Good Technology's roundup of device activation statistics, compiled from the company's range of Fortune 500 clients that use Good's service to ...

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Sprint confirms unlimited data for iPhones, but not so fast

Just in case you missed the news at the end of the conference yesterday, the rumors are all true: Sprint is indeed carrying the iPhone 4S, and a spokesperson for the company confirms Sprint will offer an unlimited data plan for iPhone users. That means if you were one of the many users (myself ...

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Spotify iPhone users jump after US launch

Here's an interesting stat I think tells a bigger tale: Onavo is a service for iPhone which claims to shrink your data as it goes in and out, and that service has been monitoring data coming back and forth from its users' iPhones. Spotify, as you probably know, is a music cloud service that rec...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: What is this cheap iPhone data plan you speak of?

Dear Aunt TUAW, What is this "cheap" AT&T SIM with data for the iPhone that you often speak of? You've written about it numerous times. Please dish. Fondest regards always, Mister Humann Dear Humann, Auntie is talking about AT&T's standard PAYG plans. She usually buys the US$...

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Watch iPhone owners travel around Europe

Over 800 iPhone owners donated their location information to Michael Krell of Crowdflow. He took this data plotted it on a map and set it in motion. It's captivating to watch the firefly-like blips move here and there across the region. Check out the video below. [Via GigaOM] ...

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Verizon data plans leaked, unlimited users will be grandfathered in

Android Central says it's nabbed an official document laying out the brand new Verizon data plans that are scheduled to take effect next month, and there's good news for those of you currently using an iPhone on Verizon with an unlimited plan: it looks like you'll be grandfathered in. We were...

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Apple's North Carolina data center now visible on Google Earth

Apple's humongous data center in North Carolina is now visible on Google Earth and Google Maps satellite view. You can see the entire building and two roads leading in and out of the compound. Oddly, there is no space for on-site employee parking, at least not yet. An eagle-eyed reader picked o...

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Verizon Wireless may end unlimited data plans this summer

The Verizon iPhone launched with an unlimited data plan, but that all-you-can-eat option may be disappearing this summer. During the Reuters Global Summit, Verizon chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo hinted that the carrier's unlimited data plans would be replaced by a mega-data plan. These n...

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