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Tag: database

Bento for iPhone / iPod touch reaches sales milestone

While it's no big deal for a free game or social networking app to reach a million downloads from the App Store, it is definitely news when a brand-name productivity app sells 100,000 copies. Bento for iPhone / iPod touch [US$4.99, iTunes Link] reached that milestone today, according to a press rel...

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Two apps to help you find a parking spot

A while back in Chicago, a friend and I tried working on a Google maps API site that was sort of a crowd-sourced parking guide -- we'd set up a Google map that could be marked up with where the best free parking was, and then we'd turn it loose on the Internet to get filled in with information. Unfo...

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FileMaker's Bento 3 announced, available immediately

FileMaker has announced the release of Bento 3, the next version of its database program for the Mac, available for purchase immediately. The upgrade comes just a couple weeks shy of a year from the debut of Bento 2. Changes in Bento 3 include: iPhoto integration, allowing you to use your ima...

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Real World Bento: the formidable, personal database

It suddenly occurred to me that my needs for software have changed. It was while I was browsing for a native Mac application for monitoring weight loss that I realized that little out there would suffice if it couldn't sync with my iPhone. While there are several popular online sites for tracking...

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TUAW Review: Bento for iPhone

FileMaker, Inc. provided one of the surprise announcements of the last couple of weeks with the introduction of Bento for iPhone and iPod touch. Designed a both a standalone database management application and companion app to the Mac version, Bento for iPhone is an inexpensive, well-designed, and...

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iPhone 101: Clear local Safari storage to resolve Gmail issues

There's no denying it: locally caching messages in Gmail on the iPhone (via the storage capability in HTML 5, similar to Google Gears) is fun and good for you, especially if you don't connect to your Gmail via IMAP in the regular iPhone Mail application. Unfortunately, if the local copy of your mail...

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Twitter and Skype and FileMaker, oh my! FMWebSchool integrates them

FileMaker Pro fans can now tweet and make Skype calls directly from databases, thanks to a pair of free files from FMWebSchool. There are a couple of movies that demonstrate how these files work, which you can view by clicking the links below. The FMSkype file allows you to import your Skype addres...

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TUAW's HanDBase giveaway just got 5 times better

Thanks to our friends at DDH Software, your chances of winning in our HanDBase giveaway have just gone up. They were so thrilled with the responses in the comments section of yesterday's contest post that they have upped the ante by offering a total of five prize packages. If you haven't yet entere...

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HanDBase for iPhone Giveaway

Back in November, we treated TUAW readers to a full review of HanDBase from DDH Software. HanDBase is a full relational database for the iPhone and iPod touch platforms, and it's easy to set it up to keep track of just about everything in your life. DDH Software and TUAW have joined forces to let a...

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FileMaker announces version 10 of flagship database app

FileMaker, Inc. has released FileMaker Pro 10, the latest in its long line of database applications for Mac OS X, featuring a new interface and design. FileMaker Pro 10 introduces the Status Toolbar, which it says is similar to most browser toolbars, that takes commonly used options out of the menus...

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TUAW Review: HanDBase for iPhone

Last month TUAW pointed you to a video of a relational database application for iPhone and iPod touch: HanDBase. DDH Software, developers of HandDBase, announced immediate availability of the program in the iTunes App Store. At US$9.99, HanDBase (click opens iTunes) isn't cheap, but when you conside...

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Filemaker's Bento goes 2.0

When Filemaker introduced Bento, the 'relational database for the rest of us,' at Macworld Expo this year, the response from the marketplace was pretty solid; as of August, the $49 multipurpose data organizer had been downloaded over 400,000 times. Still, the product was a clear 1.0 with a lot of r...

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Found Footage: Database app for iPhone -- HanDBase

Another longtime developer of apps for Palm and Windows Mobile has been heard from! DDH Software, developer of HanDBase, announced that its flagship database app will be available for iPhone in the 4th quarter of 2008. At this time, DDH hasn't provided pricing or an exact ship date, but it did prov...

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Panorama Enterprise Server

When I saw the words Provue Development and Panorama in a press release this morning, I felt like I was suddenly transported back to the 80s. When the Mac first came out in 1984, Provue was there with the first real database manager for the Mac (OverVue). It's great to see that they're still develop...

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Delicious Library 2.0 is now shipping

The beta period is over and Delicious Library 2.0 is officially ready to go (we took an early look at version 2 back in March). If you're unfamiliar, Delicious Library is the beautiful personal media database (that's the fancy way of saying "it keeps track of your stuff") that's as fun as it is usef...

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