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Origin Stories: Dave Taylor and Band Together

Dave Taylor has been building games for a while. You may have enjoyed some of his work on Quake or Doom, in fact. He's also the developer behind the indie game Abuse (for those who remember that one). But lately Taylor has been teaching a new generation of game designers how to make games. We c...

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TUAW Bookshelf: Learning Unix for OS X Mountain Lion

Dave Taylor's "Learning Unix for OS X Mountain Lion" offers an in-depth tutorial for OS X power users who have not yet mastered Unix. Written for technically competent readers, it focuses on introducing common command-line tasks. The book starts with Terminal, and then moves on to the basic form...

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Interviews suggest iPhone developer experience not too bad so far

Dave Taylor wrote in to tell us about several interviews he's done with iPhone developers, and many have had less frustrating experiences than Mike Ash and Fraser Speirs. Of 11 people he surveyed for his blog, I would judge that five had a positive experience submitting their app to the App Store, f...

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