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Pogue tests 802.11n routers, blasts Netgear

In today's New York Times, friend to Mac users and finder of lost loves, David Pogue does a nice user-focused job of reviewing four 802.11n wireless routers (story, video), evaluating performance and ease of setup for the Apple, Belkin, Netgear & Linksys offerings. His conclusion: the Airport Ex...

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TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with David Pogue

Continuing our Macworld Mac Moment series, I talk (more or less) to Macworld fave, New York Times' tech columnist and "Missing Manual" author David Pogue. I ask him "three" versioned questions about iPhone, the AppleTV and, of course, the surprising lack of Mac product announcements during the keyn...

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David Pogue Ultimate iPhone FAQ

New York Times columnist and Mac-celebrity David Pogue has a great iPhone FAQ. It answers a number of outstanding questions about Apple's new toy that I haven't seen answered anywhere else. For instance, he reports it does not connect to iChat, the iPhone version of Safari does not support Flash or ...

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Video: David Pogue proves Vista doesn't copy OS X

In the short NYT video which goes along with his print review of Redmond's newest OS, the always amusing David Pogue takes it upon himself to debunk that the old saw that Microsoft just copies Apple. For instance, David points out that unlike Spotlight, which is located at the top right of the deskt...

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IDG unveiles Macworld 07 event highlights including Kevin Smith, David Pogue

Get your frequent flier miles ready boys and girls, cuz IDG has just announced the event highlights for the Macworld 07 (of course, if you're a lucky SF resident, you can probably hang onto those miles). Key speakers include Kevin Smith (yea, the), as well as the New York Times' own David Pogue. Of...

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TUAW Tip: Quickly reveal enclosing folders in Spotlight

I don't know whether it's just me, but the one thing that I've always felt was lacking from Spotlight was the ability to quickly and easily reveal the enclosing folder for search results. It was never a major problem, but on the rare occasion when I do use Spotlight, I often seem to need to see the...

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Pogue's Town Hall: The OS Wars

David Pogue has put together another goofy video for the New York Times -- Town Hall: The OS Wars. Pogue answers questions from the "public"  about running Windows on a Mac with Boot Camp and Parallels. Pogue's "public" includes shills like Andy Ihnatko, asking questions the...

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Found Footage: David Pogue at Macworld

David Pogue, bestselling author, NY Times columnist, and ham, has created a very clever overview of Macworld 2006. Using advanced technology David allows you to feel like you were there bounding the concrete floors of the Moscone with the rest of the Mac faithful, even though you were home working ...

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Let's go to Macworld and get married!

Isn't it sweet when geeks fall in love? You may know Shawn King as the host of the great Your Mac Life internet radio show. You may not know that he met his wife-to-be at the Macworld expo of three years ago, and got engaged at last year's expo. How else could you possibly wrap up this story than wi...

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David Pogue podcast looks at Automator

In his latest podcast, Mac author David Pogue takes a look at Automator. In the course of the four and-a-half minute podcast David discusses Automator's basic functions, the drag-and-drop interface and some potential usages (stand alone workflows, plug-ins and iCal events). He also briefly compares ...

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