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Terminal Tips: Enable Address Book debug menu

You may recall that Safari has a debug menu that enables some hidden features, but did you know Address Book also has a debug menu? In Address Book's debug menu, you can get options for logging, controls for metadata, printing selections, and removing orphaned images. You can enable this debug menu...

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MacGDBp Kills PHP Bugs Dead!

Bothered with pesky PHP bugs? Grab a can of MacGDBp and exterminate those bugs FAST! 18 year-old Beantown open source whiz Robert Sesek has announced that he'll be releasing his MacGDBp project bright and early on Tuesday, June 17 at his Blue Static website. MacGDBp builds on the open source Xdebug ...

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Quick! Where's the debug menu?

Matt Thomas has a bug stuck in his 23" Apple Cinema Display. Amusingly, the little fella is still alive: check out the video above to see it wandering across his screen. He has absolutely no idea how to get the bug out (although one commentator suggests he should lure the bug out with morsels of foo...

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