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Beta Beat: Delish

If you're a fanactic like I am, then you have hundreds, going on thousands of bookmarks. How do you view your 1,000+ bookmarks? If you use a web browser, then you're living in the dark ages. I am going to show you a better way to view your bookmarks that may leave you speechless. Delish ...

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Pukka 1.6 brings menubar item, Spotlight support and more

Pukka is one of our favorite utilities for posting to, Yahoo!'s social bookmarking site, and an update today helps an already great utility integrate even better with the way you work. Pukka v1.6, available via its built-in update system, now offers a menubar item with complete access...

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Delibar 0.9: menu gains performance and custom list options

It's been a while since we've mentioned Delibar, the client from Shiny Frog that gives you access to all your bookmarks from the menubar, but a recent v0.9 update brings some noteworthy new features and enhancements. While you could already sort your bookmarks into nested folders base...

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Pukka 1.5 adds Ma.gnolia support and more

Code Sorcery has released the next update to an old TUAW favorite, the client Pukka. Among the significant changes include a faster start-up, which means that the application can down be set to quit, rather than merely hide, after a successful post. Perhaps most significant in this rele...

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Pukka 1.4: No More Dupes

I just posted something to with my favorite client, Pukka, and up pops a notification that it's been revved to 1.4. Now as much as I like Pukka (above all for its multiple account functionality) that would probably not be worth a post, except for the fact that version 1.4 adds the one th...

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Import bookmarks into Yojimbo via AppleScripts

Kenneth Kirksey has posted two AppleScripts on the Yojimbo mailing list for importing your bookmarks into Yojimbo, complete with all your tags. You can get these scripts from the mailing list archives of course, but Kenneth gave me permission to host both of them here on TUAW to make thi...

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AppleScripts for integrating Safari, NetNewsWire, and Yojimbo - oh my!

I don't know how I missed this post at Hawk Wings a few weeks ago, but I am glad I found it at least sooner or later: Tim Gaden has been keeping a watchful eye on the Yojimbo mailing list, and he caught a set of scripts written by Dylan Damian that can take a link from either Safari or NetNewsWire, ...

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dead.licious - bookmark verification made simple

Online bookmaking systems are all the rage these days (I certainly rely on nothing but Pukka, delibar and Quicksilver's plugin now), but what if, while amassing your library of 'marks, some of them go dead, are taken down or otherwise disappear? dead.licious might just be the tool for yo...

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Widget Watch: Ma.gnolia Ma.rker

Who says should have all the fun in the social bookmarking arena? Ma.gnolia is one of many competitors which takes a decidedly more human approach to the social aspect of online bookmarking, offering discussion forums, themed groups, user spotlights and more. While we've blogged plenty o...

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Quicksilver plugin updated

For all the Quicksilver users out there, the plugin has been updated for (what I assume is) the recent change in their API that seems to have afflicted every app that has anything to do with access to the social bookmarking service. As one might guess, the plugin simply allow...

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Delibar update fixes login problems

I wish I had more to say about this update, like it doubles your Mac's performance or solves world hunger, but it mainly fixes login problems by updating to the new API. Delibar, for those scratching your heads, is what I consider the missing link of social bookmarking which actually ma...

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Pukka 1.3

Everyone's favorite social bookmarking site,, is great and all, but is lacking when it comes to quickly bookmarking sites as you browse. That's where Pukka comes in. Instead of being taken to a page on the site, as one would if using the default bookmarklet, Pukka pops up a sl...

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Flock releases 0.7 beta

Finally, after months of small alpha version bumps, Flock, the social web browser based on Firefox, has unleashed a 0.7 beta with a whole slew of updates, improvements and bug fixes. Along with a site re-design, check out their blog entry for a thorough rundown of what's new and what's still on the...

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Pukka updated to v1.2

Pukka, the versatile, multi-account and light-weight posting client, has been updated to version 1.2. New features and fixes include: Pukka now uses the new SSL API for increased security as well as a more reliable means of storing passwords in the keychain. The tags fi...

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Delibar goes Universal

Delibar, what I consider to be the missing link of social bookmarking, has been updated as a Universal Binary. No other major new features have been added, but this is a welcome update to my favorite tool for accessing bookmarks from the menubar. Delibar is donationware and available fr...

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