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Menulicious is a utility like Delibar that allows you to access your bookmarks right from your menubar. One nice option of Menulicious is that it can display a bookmark count for each of your tags. An annoying quirk, however, is that your tags are listed under a "Tags >" menu; not di...

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delicious2safari goes Universal

C.K. blogged delicious2safari what feels like a year ago, and not much has changed since. It still allows you to import your bookmarks into Safari as either a flat list or in folders according to your tags, except now it has gone the way of the Universal Binary. delicious2safari is freew...

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Fast posting to with Pukka 1.0

Pukka (pronounced: puck-uh) is "a minimalist posting client for" It is a very slim but powerful stand-alone client that features tag auto-completion, handling of multiple accounts, Bonjour discovery of other Pukka users, bookmarklets, Growl alerts, .weblog and .url...

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Delibar 0.8 update adds tag bundles, auto-reloading, more

Delibar, my favorite little missing link for social bookmarking, has received a great update to version 0.8. In case you aren't familiar, I'll summarize my previous post: Delibar turns your bookmarks into a bookmark menu that's accessible from your menubar.  New features go a littl...

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Our sister site, DownloadSquad, has found this sweet plugin for Spotlight that makes your bookmarks searchable. It works by importing your bookmarks to a file on your machine every 30 minutes. That file is then treated like any other file, and indexed by Spotlight. Very clever, and open...

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Delibar - the missing link of social bookmarking?

I love the concept of social bookmarking sites like and Shadows. When we found Safarilicious I immediately used it to upload all 1050 of my bookmarks to, and I use it to help organize bookmarks for all sorts of projects I'm working on with friends. My one complaint about the...

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BlogBridge, a second look

BlogBridge might still be a little too rough around the edges to de-throne NetNewsWIre - the web's most popular newsreader on either Windows or OS X - but it has a rocking feature set that I think the folks at Ranchero/Newsgator had better start paying attention to. C.K. took a look at a 1.0 release...

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Safarilicious updated to 0.77

Just over a week after Scott blogged Safarilicious, it's already been updated to version 0.77. This minor update fixes a couple of bugs, namely one that caused an "Index Error" crash and another that caused a crash upon receiving an Error 500 from "Initial" Unicode s...

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