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iPad production may be slowed by touchscreen production woes

If you're an international customer who's waiting for an iPad, you're probably a bit anxious about the lack of a solid release date. The problem might not just be unprecedented demand for the iPad in the U.S., but also production issues with the 9.7" touchscreen displays. Andrew Rassweiler, an an...

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International iPad release pushed back to "late May," pre-orders start May 10

This will come as a disappointment to our international readers, but it seems that Apple has pushed the international iPad release back an entire month. The iPad's UK page used to say "Coming late April." Today that was changed to "Coming late May." The good news is that Apple has set a pre-orde...

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Rumor: Verizon and Apple are at odds over pricing on CDMA iPhone

Analyst Maynard J. Um told investors today that while the rumored Verizon/Apple deal to bring a CDMA iPhone to the big V is still on the table, it's hit a snag over a pricing disagreement. Apparently Apple is used to being paid about $700 for every iPhone sold through AT&T, while Verizon pays o...

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Ahem... where's the new In-Ear Headphones, Apple?

Some of you might remember the music event in September. Not only did Steve Jobs give us new iPods, but he also promised that Apple would be releasing new in-ear headphones in October. If anyone hasn't noticed, it's now mid-November, and there's no sign of the new headphones anywhere. Has Apple ...

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Longtime mobile developer feels no love from Apple

Imagine you are a software development company that has been around for 11 years, with award-winning titles for mobile computing devices. You follow the rules, you submit iPhone versions of your applications to the App Store, and yet you still haven't seen your programs make it to the store. This is...

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TUAW Interview series with Paul Kafasis: The Leopard delay - does it change anything?

The interview series with developers on Apple's delay of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard has gone really well, with great responses from Brent Simmons and Wil Shipley already offering insight into the mind and perspective of a developer. Next up to the plate is Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba, makers of such app...

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TUAW Interview series with Wil Shipley: The Leopard delay - does it change anything?

In the first interview of this new mini-series, Brent Simmons of NewsGator / NetNewsWire shared some of his thoughts on Apple's delay of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard in light of the iPhone. For this second installment, Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster / Delicious Library steps up to the plate on feeling li...

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TUAW Interview series: Brent Simmons on the Leopard delay - does it change anything?

Apple's announcement that Leopard has been delayed until October was quite the shocker, especially since we apparently have the iPhone to thank. This of course elicited nearly every response you can think of from every walk of life, but we don't often hear from what I feel is one of the most importa...

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Apple announces Leopard delays due to the iPhone

Apple has just issued a press release statement announcing that Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard has been delayed until October. The reason? iPhone: "we had to borrow some key software engineering and QA resources from our Mac OS X team, and as a result we will not be able to release Leopard at our Worldwide D...

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Leopard may be delayed

We've seen this before, of course, but today DigiTimes is reporting that Leopard may be as late as October...and it's Vista's fault (kind of). More of those infamous "reliable sources" are saying that Apple is busy adding Vista support to Leopard's integrated implementation of Boot Camp. The idea is...

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The elephant in the room: Apple pulls a Microsoft, delays Leopard past original promise

The first bell that rung in my ear when Steve announced Mac OS X 10.5's ship date of Spring 2007 was: "Apple just pulled a Microsoft". I know, I know: those words might be nails on the chalkboard in your head, but it's true. Leopard was originally promised for Fall 2006, and now it's been bumped bac...

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Windows Vista delayed - again

I almost decided not to post this on the grounds that a lot of us probably won't be surprised, but then I figured it might still be good for a laugh. A friend passed me an article at CNET which reports that Vista has been delayed yet again to January 2007. Windows chief Jim Allchin explained that a ...

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