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TUAW Interview series with Wil Shipley: The Leopard delay - does it change anything?

In the first interview of this new mini-series, Brent Simmons of NewsGator / NetNewsWire shared some of his thoughts on Apple's delay of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard in light of the iPhone. For this second installment, Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster / Delicious Library steps up to the plate on feeling li...

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Ask TUAW: Trash in the Sidebar, Mail problems, Books, and More

It's time yet again for Ask TUAW, our weekly questions and answers column. This week we'll be tackling questions from last week about putting the Trash in the Finder sidebar, problems with Mail, keeping track of Books, and more. As always, please leave your own comments, and ask more questions for n...

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List of Leopard-only apps is growing

Cocoa Blogs has linked a blog post from Gus Mueller, developer of such apps as VoodooPad, that an upcoming FlySketch 2.0 update will be Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard-only. This adds to a growing list of upcoming app releases such as TextMate 2 and Delicious Library 2 which will only play with Apple's next b...

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Wil Shipley reveals Delicious Library 2 details

Wil Shipley - founder of Delicious Monster, co-founder of The Omni Group with Ken Case and Tim Wood and perhaps one of the most vocal Mac developers - has revealed some details of Delicious Library 2, a much-anticipated follow up to an app that claims a healthy selection of awards (just check the ...

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I have two passions in life: technology and books. I can't figure out how I didn't know about Bookpedia until yesterday when I stumbled across it. Sure, Delicious Library is the big name in Mac personal media management, but Bookpedia only costs $18 bucks and it pulls info from libraries as well as...

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