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Tag: delicious

Delicious Library Gambler's Sale enters fourth and final week

You'd better get out those credit cards boys and girls, as the Delicious Monster Gambler's Sale has entered its fourth and final week. For those not familiar with this type of sale: Delicious Monster set aside a secret number of Delicious Library licenses and put the app on a four week sale. Each w...

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Flock releases 0.7 beta

Finally, after months of small alpha version bumps, Flock, the social web browser based on Firefox, has unleashed a 0.7 beta with a whole slew of updates, improvements and bug fixes. Along with a site re-design, check out their blog entry for a thorough rundown of what's new and what's still on the...

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Pukka updated to v1.2

Pukka, the versatile, multi-account and light-weight posting client, has been updated to version 1.2. New features and fixes include: Pukka now uses the new SSL API for increased security as well as a more reliable means of storing passwords in the keychain. The tags fi...

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Delibar goes Universal

Delibar, what I consider to be the missing link of social bookmarking, has been updated as a Universal Binary. No other major new features have been added, but this is a welcome update to my favorite tool for accessing bookmarks from the menubar. Delibar is donationware and available fr...

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Menulicious is a utility like Delibar that allows you to access your bookmarks right from your menubar. One nice option of Menulicious is that it can display a bookmark count for each of your tags. An annoying quirk, however, is that your tags are listed under a "Tags >" menu; not di...

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delicious2safari goes Universal

C.K. blogged delicious2safari what feels like a year ago, and not much has changed since. It still allows you to import your bookmarks into Safari as either a flat list or in folders according to your tags, except now it has gone the way of the Universal Binary. delicious2safari is freew...

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Widget Watch:

As you may have guessed, today's widget interacts with is a Dashboard widget that has a single purpose in life: To put all of your tags in your Dashboard. The developer is currently looking for people to "...put my widget through the wringer," so try it out and let him k...

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Fast posting to with Pukka 1.0

Pukka (pronounced: puck-uh) is "a minimalist posting client for" It is a very slim but powerful stand-alone client that features tag auto-completion, handling of multiple accounts, Bonjour discovery of other Pukka users, bookmarklets, Growl alerts, .weblog and .url...

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Delibar 0.8 update adds tag bundles, auto-reloading, more

Delibar, my favorite little missing link for social bookmarking, has received a great update to version 0.8. In case you aren't familiar, I'll summarize my previous post: Delibar turns your bookmarks into a bookmark menu that's accessible from your menubar.  New features go a littl...

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Delicious vs. .Mac bookmark syncing

Dave Chartier and I were talking about earlier today, in the secret TUAW offices in Reese Witherspoon's guest house. He loves Delicious, and I had never used it. For years now, I've been happily chugging along with .Mac's bookmark syncing feature, and my own organization of the bookmark ...

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Delibar - the missing link of social bookmarking?

I love the concept of social bookmarking sites like and Shadows. When we found Safarilicious I immediately used it to upload all 1050 of my bookmarks to, and I use it to help organize bookmarks for all sorts of projects I'm working on with friends. My one complaint about the...

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Safarilicious updated to 0.77

Just over a week after Scott blogged Safarilicious, it's already been updated to version 0.77. This minor update fixes a couple of bugs, namely one that caused an "Index Error" crash and another that caused a crash upon receiving an Error 500 from "Initial" Unicode s...

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