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Apple could become the largest company in the U.S.

In 1997, a lot of investors felt that Apple was well on the way to oblivion. That's the same year that Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell, Inc., uttered his famous comment to an audience of IT managers: "I'd shut it [Apple] down and give the money back to the shareholders." The Wall Street Jou...

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Hackintosh-friendly Dell Mini 10v discontinued

The Dell Mini 10v, choice of netbook hackintosh owners everywhere, has apparently been discontinued as of a week ago. I discovered that today when I couldn't find any on Dell's site, and confirmed it with a live chat with a support representative who told me it was discontinued last week. A message ...

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Apple scores high on customer experience index, iTunes not so much

According to AppleInsider, Apple has scored higher than other PC companies on Forrester's new customer experience survey, but their main software app didn't fare quite as well. Apple came in at number 35 on the list, which places them way above PC competitors like HP, Compaq and Dell, though iTunes ...

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Mac sales growth continues, according to IDC numbers

Apple is really defying gravity in this economic slump with impressive numbers. Market research firm IDC reports Apple sold about 5.6 million computers here in the U.S. in 2009, giving it an 8% market share. That's up just a bit from the previous year, when Apple had a 7.9% share, and it makes Apple...

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Hackintosh Clinic - Liveblog

Got a new Dell Mini 10v for the holidays? Looking to find a little peer support while you Hackintosh it? Grab your shrinkwrap Snow Leopard or Leopard DVD and join us for an informal clinic on getting your new system set up as a Macbook mini. If you've already finished your hackintoshing, come share ...

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Join us Friday at 2 ET for a TUAW Hackintosh Clinic

Did you get in on the recent Dell Mini 10v hackintoshable laptop deal? (Even if you didn't, that $279 regular pricing is still a pretty darn good deal.) Now that Black Friday minis are showing up at the door, TUAW is holding a live Hackintosh clinic to offer peer support and insight. Join Joachim Be...

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TUAW Holiday Gift Guide: Displays

A display, whether it's a primary, extra display for a portable, or a desktop secondary, is something that's very useful, and makes a great gift. Here's a few gift ideas for displays to use with your Mac. Dell ST2210 This display offers a 1920x1080 resolution, a 21.5 inch viewing area, and ...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Hackintoshable Dell Mini 10v

Update: This deal seems to be dead for now, possibly until Friday. (Apparently the TUAWlanche we set off hit the "LIMITED QUANTITIES AT THIS PRICE" limit.) We will update the post when and if it goes live again. Later Update: It's baaaaaaaaaack. Link & code seem to be working again. Guess we ...

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Mac 101: Get a PC printer running on a Mac. There's a driver for that!

More Mac 101, tips and tricks for new Mac users. While this tip may be old news to tech-savvy folk, I think it might help a lot of recent Mac switchers who want to leverage their existing investment in their Windows-compatible peripherals. I have a friend who has been on Windows forever. He finally...

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Dell cites Apple's 'green' claims in Better Business Bureau complaint

In a display of environmental posturing on both sides, Dell lodged a complaint with the advertising industry's self-governing oversight board: The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus (NAD). The claim? When Apple says it has the "world's greenest family of notebook...

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Dell comments on Apple's green commitment, TUAW translates from PR-speak to English

Dell executive Bob Pearson decided to comment on Apple's "green" ad campaign. It was hard to understand. We were confused. Fortunately, Robert was nice enough to translate. The original post, on Dell's site, is here. "Several Dell folks were surprised and perplexed to see Apple's new 'green' MacBook...

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AAPL up nearly 14% among broad market gains

Shares of Apple stock closed higher today, among a widespread buying spree that pushed the Dow Industrials up a record-breaking 936 points. AAPL closed at $110.26 per share, an increase of $13.46. Nearly 55 million shares changed hands. Microsoft, Dell, Google, HP, Sun, and AT&T also posted dou...

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Why is everyone picking on Apple?

A spate of bad news surrounding Mobile Me and iPhone 3G quality problems paired with renewed vigor from competitors Microsoft, Dell, and Nokia has Apple running out of slack from the normally fawning press (TUAW certainly not withstanding). Forbes has a story about why Apple seems to have lost its ...

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Apple's value is now quadruple Dell's

There's no love lost between Steve Jobs and Dell founder Michael Dell. Back in 1997, when Michael was CEO of Dell, he famously told a group of IT big wigs, ""What would I do [if I were in charge of Apple]? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders." Oh, Michael. That's the kind of...

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Flashback: 10 years ago, Michael Dell's throwdown

Remember Michael Dell's legendary snub of Apple's prospects? Back in 1997, Dell was publicly asked what he'd do with the recently re-Steve'd Apple if given the opportunity. "I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders," said Dell, earning the people's denigration and infamy forever...

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