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Chinese Apple Stores plan special New Year events

While India's Krishna Kalyan ate an iPhone 4 cake to celebrate the New Year, Apple's four retail stores in China have something else in mind to celebrate the Chinese New Year. According to ifoAppleStore, Apple has emailed an invitation to their customers in China to visit the retail stores between ...

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Survey: 19 percent of households with iPads are likely to buy another

We've heard before that iPad demand is super high around the world, and here's another reason why: households that already have an iPad are actually pretty likely to go out and buy another one. In a recent survey of Americans who own iPads, 17 percent said they already own more than one iPad, and a...

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iPhone demand in China still exceeds supply

We've heard some crazy stories out of China about the call for Apple products there, both that Apple is trying to increase supply as quickly as possible, and that they're still not living up to the demand. And here's more news that Apple is racing, and probably failing, to keep up with all of the d...

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No more reservations available for iPad launch day

If you were planning on reserving an iPad for pickup at an Apple Store on April 3rd, you're out of luck. Reservations, both in-store and online, ended on Friday. According to TUAW reader Travis, who sent us the tip early Saturday, an Apple sales associate mentioned told him Apple had to shut down...

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3GS shortages expected overseas due to demand

It's like Econ 101 with the iPhone lately, says our old friend Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. Demand is high, supplies are low, and so shortages are apparently expected. Especially in international markets, there just aren't enough iPhones to go around -- Munster cites a fellow analyst's repor...

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App Store Trends: Prices race to the bottom

Last spring, TUAW asked how much you would pay for iPhone software. Well, it looks like $0.99 and $1.99 are the new $39.99 and $49.99 as far as mobile distribution goes. The App Store bucked the trend of high-priced phone software and now is ratcheting those prices down even further. Developers are ...

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iPhone orders at online Apple Store see 2-4 week delays

Uh oh, it looks like Apple might have dumped the majority of their iPhones into brick and mortar stores, making web shoppers wait longer than usual for a new device. The online Apple Store currently displays a 2-4 week shipping time for both 4GB and 8GB iPhones. While this could simply be an over...

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