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Desktop of the Week for 4/22 - 4/28/07

This week's TUAW Desktop hails from Flickr user brianpunx and makes use of a number of Mac OS X software and icons which brianpunx was kind enough to list (hint: that makes my job easier when picking a TUAW Desktop of the Week, though it doesn't influence my decision). First, it's running a Shape...

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VirtueDesktops update brings lots of changes, bug fixes

VirtueDesktops, the virtual desktop manager of choice, recently updated to version 0.54 beta 2 with a major set of changes and bug fixes. This forum post at cocoaforge rounds up all the changes of a few recent builds, including this latest beta. To summarize: the main gist is a lot of focus on UI tw...

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TUAW Desktop of the Week for 2/18 - 2/24/07

Ok TUAW Desktop of the Week'ers, the series is back in action, and I couldn't think of a better way to re-kick it off than with this desktop titled 'Screenshot Saturdays' from James Acklin. Created from his favorite Flickr picks, it's a collage of Mac OS X desktop proportions, and quite the eclect...

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TUAW Desktop of the week for 11/12/06

I know I know, it's a slight bit early for holiday-themed desktops, but there's enough cleverness going on here that I thought it warranted a TUAW Desktop of the Week award anyway. Flickr user rVEO has more than just a pretty wallpaper going on in Xmas Mac - you're witnessing the powers of Sno, Mac...

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TUAW Desktops of the week for 9/10/06

Being that this is the first official TUAW Desktops series roundup post, we couldn't force ourselves to chose just one. You readers have found some pretty creative uses for your desktops, and our new TUAW Desktops Flickr group is shining proof. As a result, we decided that in order to get this part...

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Why wait for Leopard? Get a virtual desktop manager now

Mac publications are all taking a new eye to the apps and features that Leopard is 'killing,' and Dan's post about the 7 apps that Leopard kills inspired me to check out the current market of virtual desktop managers for Mac OS X. Since I'm on a MacBook Pro however, the only one I could really put t...

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