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DevJuice: ShipIt! provides customizable image resizing for multiresolution development

ShipIt!, currently on sale for $0.99 at the Mac App Store, offers a simple utility for resizing multiresolution images. Its suite of standardized image formats (such as 512x512 iTunes artwork, 57x57 iPhone icons, and 72x72 iPad ones) ensure that you can create consistent elements from your core ar...

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Dev Juice: The Art of Readable Code

"The Art of Readable Code" by Dustin Boswell and Trevor Foucher is a fairly short work at under 200 pages, but it addresses a topic near and dear to many developers' hearts. Littered with cartoons and code samples, it's meant to convey the basic philosophy of creating well-structured code that h...

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Dev Juice: When should you use out-of-app Settings?

Dear Dev Juice, I've heard all the lectures and I understand that the discoverability of third party prefs in the Settings app is near zero. I also get that it's now best practice that developers should put preferences inside applications with custom screens. I'm writing to ask this: what use...

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DevJuice: HockeyApp improves crash reports, beta testing

You may be familiar with the well-respected TestFlight beta distribution service. Now, HockeyApp has arrived on the scene to give TestFlight a little competition. TUAW sat down with its developer to discover what the service might mean to you. Like TestFlight, HockeyApp offers a core beta ove...

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Dev Juice: Automatic Reference Counting

Dear Dev Juice, I'm so confused. Is ARC Automatic Reference Counting or Automated Reference Counting? And is it Manual Retain and Release or Manual Reference Counting? Help a guy out. Paul W. Dear Paul, Let's separate those two questions because there's a cut-and-dried answer for the f...

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Dev Juice: Help find me a standalone property editor

"Dear Dev Juice, With Lion and new xCode 4, Property List Editor is missing. Opening xCode to just be able to edit a plist file is not what I want. So my question is how do you edit your plist files ? Do you know an alternative to xCode 4? Thanks. Thierry" Dear Thierry, If you do...

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Dev Juice: Help me use less hard drive space for Xcode

Dear Dev Juice, I have a small SSD drive on my iMac. Got some tips on how to offload Xcode to my USB drive instead? Jaames C. Dear Jaames, You can install some but not all of Xcode to a secondary drive. You'll still end up using about half a gigabyte, but that's a sight better than the...

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Dev Juice: Help me recover my beta partition

Dear Dev Juice, I was in the Lion beta program. Now that 10.7 is about to release I want to reclaim the small partition I added to my laptop that I was using to test it. How do I do this? Shawn Dear Shawn, Disk Utility (/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility) makes it easy to recover O...

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Dev Juice: Help me set up a multiperson dev team

Dear Dev Juice, We have a 3 man dev team with the iOS developer program (as a small company plan) and we are getting ready to move up to Xcode 4 once Lion is out to the public and the have a stable sdk. What is the best way to set all of our systems so we can each build for adhoc distribution...

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Dev Juice: Help me create a hidden logo

Dear Dev Juice, How do you implement that slightly egotistical Apple logo hidden in iBooks.app if you drag the bookshelf down from the top? Brandon E. Dear Brandon Ah. You speak of the hidden drag-to-reveal logo. Actually, that's super-easy to do. Just remember that you can add subview...

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Dev Juice: How do I autocomplete in Xcode 4?

Dear Dev Juice, I just moved from Xcode 3 to Xcode 4. How can I make autocomplete give me a template? I type -(void)deal and the drop down pops up. tab just completes the dealloc word. I want it to pop out the template for me. Space bar doesn't work, enter, escape, nothing anymore. I need t...

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Dev Juice: Help me fix my UIView animations

Dear Dev Juice, I'm having an issue with UIView animations, that I'm struggling to describe in keywords, so I can't find anything helpful with Google. The problem is that I can't seem to work out how to make a UIButton move relative to the bottom of the parent view, as I shrink the parent view....

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