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Dear Apple: Please reconsider button borders

Dear Apple, I'm somewhat disturbed about the interface changes you shared with us during the keynote and on your website. Specifically, I'm not especially happy about all those borderless buttons. Without affordances, those visual UI elements that suggest or reinforce areas of interaction, butto...

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DevJuice: iOS Artwork Extractor updated

Many devs find it useful to inspect system artwork -- whether for inspiration, for reverse engineering to help create consistent new elements or simply for curiosity. In that goal, there's been no better tool than the open-source iOS Artwork Extractor from Cédric Luthi. The project, formerl...

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DevJuice: Launch image and app icon naming scheme

Some things aren't particularly obvious, but can be very handy to know for when you need them. With the hope that this will be useful to our DevJuice community, TUAW presents the following without further comment: LaunchImage-700@2x~iphone LaunchImage-700-568h@2x~iphone LaunchImage-700-Portra...

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Dev Juice: Parallels Desktop 8 update makes OS X Mavericks VMs, hosts possible

Just last week I was bemoaning the fact that neither Parallels nor VMWare Fusion provided an easy way for a developer to create a virtual machine (VM) for testing of OS X Mavericks, so I ended up installing the new Mac operating system on a separate partition. Today Parallels released an update to...

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DevJuice: iOS/Android PortKit translates visual metaphors

The clever folk over at Kintek have posted a handy system-to-system guide for anyone working in the mobile development space. This metaphor overview quickly references how items like buttons, switches, one-of-n selection and other common interface items are expressed by default in the target are...

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DevJuice: The easy way to set up an OS X Mavericks test environment

OK, this is going to be a "duh" moment for most Mac developers, but apparently there are some people who are having issues with setting up a test environment in which to run OS X Mavericks. I have to admit that I was one of those who first started asking if anyone was having success running the ...

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DevJuice: Is your app watching you?

The PRISM project is hitting the news just now, with the Director of National Intelligence issuing statements, and people talking about what privacy means in a free society. This morning, our backchannel discussion about PRISM drifted to the topic of user privacy in apps. Specifically, we've notic...

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DevJuice: Reveal enables you to inspect, modify and debug iOS apps

Reveal, now in public beta, was originally created to enable its developers to debug client applications. Over time, they found that the tool became so useful on its own that it deserved to be productized. Developer Sean Woodhouse tells TUAW, "We built Reveal to help us debug applications for our...

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DevJuice: 10.8.4 and the iOS Simulator

TUAW reader Peter Johnson of Soluble Apps writes, "I, and a few other developers on my Facebook group, have noticed that, since yesterday's OSX update, every other run on the simulator is crashing on start. It appears to work fine when compiling and running on hardware. I thought it could be usefu...

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DevJuice: A real-world lesson in why you must test on-device

Dave Caolo's daughter has been working hard on a school report regarding the Everglades National Park. So he downloaded a nice-looking iPad app on the subject for her. Swiping around it looked great. And then he tapped on a video. This is what happened. In the TUAW back channel, we scratched...

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DevJuice: Forage offers SQLite query GUI for devs

The OS X Forage (US$9.99) app provides a simple query and editing interface for SQLite databases. This app targets developers who use pre-built databases for iOS, OS X and Web deployment. It enables them to test and refine queries as well as to edit table data, and do so outside of the command lin...

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DevJuice: Spark Inspector offers real time iOS interface inpection

Spark Inspector (US$39.99 single-license) offers an exciting new development tool. Targeting devs looking to refine their user interfaces, it enables you to interactively tweak view properties like frames and layers. The app centers around an Interface Builder-like experience, with familiar-looki...

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DevJuice: Apple's ObjC-JavaScript Bridge

In a new post at his Steamclock Software blog, Nigel Brooke writes how Apple has added new Objective-C-to-Javascript bridging to WebKit: "This new API supports straightforward embedding of the JavaScriptCore interpreter into native Objective-C projects, including reading and writing variables a...

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DevJuice: Does WWDC need a lottery system?

WWDC sold out in just minutes this year. As iOS developer Josh Avant put it, "Next year, tickets are going to sell out before they even go on sale." Many developers were greeted by server errors, failed purchases and the "Sorry, tickets are sold out" banner. Others, like Daniel Jalkut of Re...

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DevJuice: Better Objective-C associated objects

iOS/OS X internals guru Gwynne Raskind tipped me off to a much better way of creating associated object keys. Until now, I've been doing this: static const char nametag_key; return objc_getAssociatedObject(self, (void *) &nametag_key); Turns out there's a much easier and better way. Th...

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