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Apple releases preview 3 of Xcode 4

Okay, I might be a little bit fangrrlish about the new Xcode 4 IDE. But seriously, it's really an awesome update to the existing Xcode tools. Yes, it's still majorly buggy and yes, there are still many features missing in action -- but it's such a treat to see how the new tools are evolving into the...

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Xcode 4 Preview 2 available for download

Have I mentioned how much I adore Xcode 4? I would marry it, bear its children and clean up after it -- that's how much I love it. But Xcode 4 hasn't been readily available for general use. Until now. As of this evening, you can download Xcode 4 Preview 2 and throw yourself into its exuberant yum...

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devsugar: Accessing an iPhone camera capture session

With the imminent demise of UIGetScreenImage, a number of readers have asked me how they can use the newer AVFoundation approach to access screen data in their iPhone applications. I went ahead and built some sample code that, when I'm finished messing with it, will be part of chapter 7 of my revise...

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devsugar: Farewell, UIGetScreenImage()

Last December, Apple relented on the use of the otherwise private UIGetScreenImage() API. This function allows iOS developers to capture a screenshot on a device, regardless of the contents of the screen. In contrast, the standard SDK-safe approach to screen captures ([theView.layer renderInContext:...

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iOS 4.1 SDK Beta 1 ready for download

Developers start your engines! Apple has just posted the first beta of iOS 4.1 at its iPhone Developer website. The new beta includes firmware for the iPhone 3G and later and the iPod touch 2G and later. Further details about the beta and its capabilities lie behind an ongoing nondisclosure wall, ho...

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devsugar: Understanding iPhone 4 backgrounding

If you're looking for a simple and easy-to-follow introduction to iPhone 4's new backgrounding abilities, head on over to Oliver Drobnik's weblog and check out his latest write-up. You'll find a lovingly crafted graphic that walks you through the iPhone application lifecycle, showing how an appli...

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iOS 4.0 Gold Master SDK publicly released

The iOS 4.0 gold master SDK (not release candidate) is now available for download from Apple. All members of Apple's developer program (not just paid members) can access the iOS 4.0 SDK, with its enhanced APIs. As in the past, the ongoing NDA for the iPhone version of iOS 4.0 is expected to be revok...

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devsugar: WWDC 2010 videos, slides, and sample code now available

Paid members of the iOS developer program who did not attend WWDC may want to head on over to Apple's WWDC 2010 video page. Roughly a billion hours (if my quick calculations can be believed) of WWDC session video is now available for download from iTunes. You'll be able to find videos on topics from...

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Poll: What are your feelings about iAds?

Hey TUAW's Developer Brain Trust! For many of you WWDC is just wrapping up, and you're now probably hanging around in airports bored and checking on e-mail, visiting web sites. We thought it would be a great time to offer you something to think about. Now that you've been exposed to iAds and are ab...

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hacksugar: Bringing back the on-screen keyboard

You've got an iPad. You've got a Bluetooth keyboard that you love. Now imagine this: You're in bed. Your keyboard is somewhere downstairs. And yet, it's still in range and paired to your device. You can tap, tap, tap in the iPad Spotlight text entry field, but there's no keyboard for you to use. Fru...

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iPhone OS 4.0 SDK Beta 4 available for download

Apple is now 4 for 4. Or at least Beta 4 for iPhone OS 4.0. They have just posted the latest and greatest iPhone OS 4.0 beta. As with previous beta releases, this new beta update provides firmware for each of the supported devices (namely the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 3G, and the 2nd and 3rd gene...

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hacksugar: Wireless iTunes syncing makes it to jailbroken iPhones

Cables, schmables. Why occupy valuable USB slots when you can make iTunes data fly magically over virtual intertubes to and from your home computer? New to the jailbreak world, Wi-Fi Sync introduces over-the-air sync to iPhone devices. The application works like this: you install a client ap...

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hacksugar: Working with iPad-mounted USB drives

Recently, TUAW has looked at using the iPad's camera connection kit to attach and use USB drives. If you're using a jailbroken iPad, you'll be pleased to discover that the camera connection kit allows you to connect a USB stick or hard drive and access it from your iPad. That means you can easily br...

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iPhone OS 4.0 SDK Beta 3 available for download

Apple just posted its latest iPhone OS 4.0 beta. As with previous beta releases, this new beta update provides firmware for each of the supported devices (namely the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 3G, and the 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touch). As usual, the details of this release remain behind the NDA...

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Voices that Matter iPhone: August Trometer on UI design and the iPad

August Trometer is a veteran iPhone and Mac developer -- along with his own stable of titles, he's also one of the developers behind the popular Yowza!! mobile coupon app, and the author of a book on web development for Apple's handheld device. He spoke not once but twice on the first day of the Vo...

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