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New iPad jailbroken already

"The new iPad has been jailbroken?" said Suzanne, with a merry laugh. "Why! what a droll idea! What is this Jailbreak, Monsieur?" She looked at Sir Andrew with eager curiosity. The young man's face had become almost transfigured. His eyes shone with enthusiasm; hero-worship, love, admiration fo...

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limera1n jailbreak released, greenpois0n jailbreak delayed

Jailbreak limera1n was released today for 4.1 iDevice users in what appears to be a contentious situation in the hacking community. Windows-only, the new jailbreak is not expected to work with Apple TV or debut on Linux and OS X for a bit. The previously announced dev-team jailbreak, which was du...

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Work on iOS 4.1 jailbreak continues

With iOS 4.1 still warm from its journey through the tubes, the jailbreaking community is already working its way inside. Chronic Dev Team member pod2g has discovered yet another bootrom-based exploit that would supposedly work across all iOS devices running the latest firmware. That means that the ...

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No jailbreak for you, 4.0.2

The Dev-Team has announced that there will be no jailbreak for iOS 4.0.2 or 3.2.2. It stands to reason, as the release did absolutely nothing other than patch the security hole that was using as an exploit. It's also not a big surprise, minor updates are regularly skipped over. So, if you're a "jai...

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Library of Congress rules in favor of jailbreaking

Today, the Library of Congress has ruled in favor of both jailbreaking and unlocking phones according to an Associated Press Statement published on the New York Times. The Library of Congress statement can be found here if you'd prefer to read the original. The Washington Post has also picked up thi...

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Found footage: Dashboard for iPhone on your lock screen

Why didn't Apple think of this? SmartScreen lets you add widgets to your iPhone lock screen, providing an interactive dashboard experience whenever you wake up your device. The software is jailbreak-only (as you'd probably expect, given its standard system-defying functionality) and will be launch...

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