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RSS Reader Round-Up: Digg Reader is a nimble reader for mobile users

Earlier this year, we listed several services and apps that'll potentially replace Google Reader. Now that the Reader shut down is imminent, we are taking a second look at some of these services (and a few new ones) to see which companies have scaled up enough to become a true Google Reader replac...

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Digg starts rolling out its Reader app to beta users

Digg announced on its blog that its new Reader service will be available to the public on a rolling basis starting today. The beta version of the service will target Google Reader users looking to jump ship before the Google RSS service shuts down next week. Initially, the company is opening Digg...

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Digg Reader beta launching next week on iOS

With the impending doom of Google Reader just around the corner on July 1, RSS fans have been searching for an alternative to their beloved feed. Digg has heard their cries, and will be launching the first public beta of its new Reader replacement, called Digg Reader, next week. The beta will slo...

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Digg owner Betaworks acquires Instapaper

Betaworks, the company that rescued the faltering Digg, has now acquired Instapaper, says a report in TechCrunch. The news originated from an email sent by Betaworks founder and CEO John Borthwick and was confirmed by Instapaper founder Marco Arment. Arment writes on his blog, I'm happy to...

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New Digg iPhone app available

Just when you thought that Digg had faded into the obscure fog of irrelevancy, the company comes out with a new Digg app for iPhone (free). The app is getting a lot of buzz, perhaps just because many users have moved on to other ways of getting their top news. The new app features a "clean mobi...

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StumbleUpon releases official mobile app

Social sharing network Digg has had their own, official iPhone app out for several months, and now StubleUpon has joined the mobile game. This week, the StumbleUpon app was released for both iPhone and Android devices, finally giving users quick and easy access to links that mi...

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TUAW First Look: Digg's iPhone app

Digg released its official iPhone app this morning, and after playing with it for a little while, I can tell you that it does what it says on the box: it will let you browse, interact, and comment on the popular news aggregator without many problems (there was one major issue -- I'll mention it in ...

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Rumor: iTunes 8 to include Genius recommender, grid view, new visualizer

Kevin Rose is at it again, with a brand new round of rumors about iTunes 8, supposedly premiered next week at the big Apple iPod event. Did I miss the meeting where we all declared him king of iPod rumors? King or not, he's got what he claims is inside information, including a writeup about somethin...

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Widget Watch: widget 1.1

If you are addicted to Digg like we are, then the widget from Hasan Alayli might be just right for you. This very simple Dashboard widget allows you to quickly browse the most dugg stories on Digg. On the creator's website, he says that it is developed using the Digg API and the AJAXSLT j...

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How to tweak the Leopard Dock's color

Earlier, I posted about how you can revert those new lights in Leopard's Dock back to Tiger's old triangles (and I can't say I was too surprised to find out that most of you didn't want to revert anything-- do what feels right, man), and I said that the next thing to go would be Leopard's shiny Dock...

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POP Takeout lays out social news in MobileSafari

Sometimes you want a list of what's hot on the social news sites at a quick glance-- an easy-to-access look at the Zeitgeist, if you will. And for those times, there's POP Takeout, a site Wade M put together and sent to us that offers up a quick list of social news headlines from Digg, Reddit, Del.i...

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Digg releases official iPhone interface

We've come full circle on the iPhone software merry-go-round-- the first app we saw for the iPhone was a mockup built with Digg's API, and now Digg has released their own iPhone application. And it works pretty well, even if you're not using an iPhone. You can log in right there in the interface, an...

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iPhone webapp mock up

We all know that Mac developers aren't thrilled with the 'iPhone SDK' which boils down to creating webpages with JavaScript. This isn't anything new or exciting, since we've known for awhile that the iPhone is running a full version of Safari. David Cann has whipped up a demo page that shows you wh...

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Rig of the Year (So Far)

Digg today brings us our first TUAW rig of the day/week/month/year. Owned by flickr user washington_dc_photographer, this workstation sports three 30 inch Apple Cinema displays, 1 G5 Quad, 1 G5 Dual, 1 15 inch PowerBook, 6TB of external storage, 6 CF card readers, and a 15 inch Sony wireless TV. I ...

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Digg Podcasts

Digg just went through a interface overhaul, adding a few new features and surprises to its collection of user-powered ranking tools. A new "Podcasts" ranking area joins the News and Videos sections, allowing users to view and rank popular audio broadcasts, as well as link to those podcasts for dow...

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