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My Dream App Semifinals voting ends tonight

Voting for the Semifinals round of the My Dream App contest ends tonight at Midnight (EDT), and with it, seemingly any chance of Desktop Wars (my original choice) making it to the final round. Digg founder Kevin Rose, Peter Cohen and Jason Snell from Macworld, David Pogue of the New York Times, and ...

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Questions about BitRocket abound

News is coming in via digg commenters and posts on forum threads linked therein which seems to indicate and give evidence that BitRocket uses code taken from the Transmission.app source without giving any attribution as required by the MIT license under which Transmission is released. These accusat...

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Apple Matters launches Macitt, Apple-focused social news site

I knew something was up when I noticed my Apple Matters feed turn brown in NetNewsWire (that color means the feed hasn't been updated in over 60 days), and sho 'nuff, I was right. Today Apple Matters launched Macitt, an Apple-centric social news site (or: 'digg clone', if you wanna go that route). ...

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iUseThis is a new site which can be best described as an union between digg and MacUpdate. The front page of the site displays a listing of the most recent updates for OS X software. Registered users can click on the applications they use to, in a sense "voting" for them. The more people using an ap...

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Inquisitor goes web-based

Inquisitor, the Safari and Camino plug-in that brings Spotlight to searching the web, has been ported to a web-based search engine. Upon entering a search into its pleasantly minimal interface, you will be presented with a list of search recommendations and a variety of search engines to focus on, i...

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Widget Watch: Digg Search Widget

Digg is everyone's favorite social news site (with a decided focus on all things tech). With all the things that get 'dugg' it is hard to keep up, and that's where the Digg Search Widget (for Yahoo! Widget Engine) comes in. The widget can search a number of different Digg categories and can display ...

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Get your digg.com fix from your menu bar

Sure, there are digg widgets for Dashboard, but for all the menu bar nuts out there, it doesn't get much better than DiggUpdate, a free menu bar app that provides instant access and update notifications for new digg front page stories. When new stories pop up that you haven't seen yet, the icon's la...

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