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Blazing fast image viewing with Photon 1.0.2

Photon just loaded 839 JPEG image previews for me in under 2 seconds. That's expletive worthy speed. And when it loads the full image, it's just as fast, even with RAW format images. And it loads every pixel of a RAW image. If you set the preview mode to fit-to-screen, clicking the image gives you a...

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Free Aperture web seminar for iPhoto users

Our faithful reader and tipster Nik Fletcher just passed a link our way to a new web seminar Apple has made available called Aperture for iPhoto Users. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet (I wanted to share it with y'all before diving in myself), but details on the site reveal exactly what you ...

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TUAW Tip: Viewing EXIF data in finder

EXIF, the Exchangeable Image File Format, provides a standard way to store information inside image files. Digital cameras automatically place EXIF information in your snapshots including information about the device used and its color space, among other data. Apple makes it easy for you to view thi...

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Aperture 1.5.1

First Apple gives it away (for 30 days) and now they are updating it! That's right, Aperture 1.5.1 is now available from Apple's website. What does it do, you ask? Straight from Apple, ' Aperture 1.5.1 addresses numerous issues related to overall reliability and performance in all areas of the appli...

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Aperture 30 day test drive

I'm not a very good photographer, but I take lots of digital pictures which is why I was interested in checking out Aperture, but I didn't want to plunk down $299. Apple has heard my silent pleas and made a 30 day 'test drive' available for all to download. It is available in English, French, German...

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