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Conde Nast to track iPad readership

It's been two long years for advertisers working with Conde Nast and their digital magazines. Until now, the publication has provided advertisers with only minimal details on its digital readership. An AdAge report suggests this is all about the change. Because of the newness of the medium, C...

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Students demonstrate innovative iPad book page flip

One major complaint about reading an eBook is the experience; holding an iPad is just not the same as holding a book and thumbing through the pages. This complaint may lose some of its weight if the folks at the KAIST Institute of Information Technology Convergence can get their patented Smart E-B...

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Study shows iPad owners read more magazines

The iPad is the perfect tablet for consuming magazines. It's the right size and its interactive features can make a magazine come to life. The Association of Magazine Media realizes that and asked 1,009 mobile magazine readers about their experience reading digital magazines. Not surprisingly, ...

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Image Comics joins the ComiXology banner

ComiXology has grabbed yet another major comic book publisher for its iOS app, this time recruiting Image Comics to publish to the digital platform day and date with the paper releases. The app has already landed both DC and Marvel in publishing agreements, so adding the Image stable of comics ...

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Sony introduces stereo systems for high-end iPhone audio without breaking up the dash

Sony Mobile Audio today introduced a new car stereo system that brings high-quality sound to cars that aren't already equipped with the latest and greatest in car audio. The XDP-PK1000 (and its companion unit the MU110, whose only difference is that it requires a third-party subwoofer and ampli...

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New York Times updates iPhone, iPad apps to offer in-app subscriptions

The Gray Lady herself has assented to Apple's rules about in-app subscriptions, so you can now subscribe to the vaunted New York Times right from the mobile apps on Apple's iPad and iPhone. We're still not talking about the print edition, so you can't log in on your phone and then have the pape...

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DC announces digital comics will arrive day-and-date with print versions

DC Comics made a huge announcement yesterday regarding its entire line of comic books, basically saying that on August 31, the company will restart 52 of its weekly publications, bringing them all back to issue number 1 and making significant story (and costume!) changes to many of its popular ...

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The iPad 2 is highly unpopular... as a camera

Photo sharing site Flickr tracks and publishes the device origin of all the photos that are posted to its site. With over 4.5 million users uploading photos daily, this data set is enormous. Stats from a month ago show the iPhone 4 is at the top of the heap of not just smartphones, but of dig...

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NPD: Mobile accounts for half of digital game downloads

NPD has released a report that cites mobile games as a big driver for digital downloads overall. Digital game consumption has been growing in leaps and bounds lately, and according to the latest report, nearly half of all of those digital game downloads come from mobile game platforms, of whi...

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Digital collections make comics on your iPad easy and cheap

Our friend Macenstein has a nice tip running over on his blog about how to get more comics on your iPad. The iPad is a device that seems made for comic book reading -- that display is colorful and bright, and the touchscreen lets you examine comic art from any size or angle. The problem, however, i...

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My new EyeTV set-up, and why Comcast's digital transition is a pain

On Monday, Colorado cable customers transitioned into a new digital world. Comcast switched off analog access to all but its most basic channels, i.e. the ones that they are still required to carry by law, and killed the clear-QAM signal that has made it possible for my EyeTV tuner to schedule an...

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Steve Jobs of interviews past

Steve Jobs is going to appear at the latest All Things Digital conference, and to celebrate the rare appearance of the CEO outside of an Apple event, All Things Digital has posted a few historic interviews with Jobs from conferences past. The first is from 2003 (also posted after the break on this ...

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iTunes accounting for 1/4 of all U.S. music sales

Overall, music sales fell by more than a billion dollars last year, but Apple's iTunes is doing better than ever. The digital music distribution service claimed more money than ever, and now represents the biggest U.S. market for music sales, making up over a quarter of total music sales in this cou...

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Analysis: iTunes holds 12.6% of the US music market

Stick with us here: a new report by Forrester Research claims that of all the music purchased in the US, digital purchases have jumped to 18% of the total, and they expect it to go up to 41% of total sales over the next five years. That means that about 20% of all the music sold in the US is bough...

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Jade 1.2: digital image processing for Leopard

Italian developers DataMind Srl have announced the release of Jade 1.2, the latest in a series of image processing apps from the company. DataMind also has a version of Jade for iPhone and iPod touch (link to iTunes App Store) for enhancing photos on the run. Jade provides one-click enhancement of...

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