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Mac Blu-ray Player software plays HD movies on your Mac

Want to play a Blu-ray disc on your Mac? Apple doesn't include Blu-ray as an option, but they are readily available through 3rd parties like Amazon or Other World Computing. You'll also need software to play the disc, which is where the Macgo Blu-Ray Player comes in. I reviewed the Macgo Blu-ra...

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10.7 Lion upgrades expected to come via Mac App Store

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the Mac App Store is likely to be the preferred method for installing and updating OS X 10.7 Lion. AppleInsider reports that the next version of Mac OS X is going to ship digitally via the MAS, with optical media available as a backup for users on slow con...

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Rumor: Apple buys 12 petabytes of video storage for iTunes

According to a site named, Apple has picked up a whopping 12 petabytes of data storage from a company named Isilon Systems. Supposedly, the new hardware (which makes Apple one of Isilon's biggest customers) will be used for storing video for iTunes, though because this infor...

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OS X Lion preview ably demonstrates that disc is dead

Today's cloud-based release of the OS X 10.7 Lion preview adds one more nail to the coffin of removable media. Last September, TUAW declared that the disc is dead. Apple's move today, in releasing Lion through the online Mac App store, helps reconfirm that DVDs and CDs are headed the way of the fl...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Burn baby burn

Dear Aunt TUAW, Is iTunes slowly encouraging the death of CDs? The burn icon at the bottom of the interface has disappeared as you can see in this screen shot. Concerned, Your nephew Sean...

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A big bag of Blu-Ray hurt for Apple

Just the other day I was wondering on this very site just where Blu-Ray has been on Macs, and yesterday's big Apple event gave us the answer: Blu-Ray, according to Steve Jobs, is just "a big bag of hurt." Apple says they haven't settled on an HD format yet because no one else has either: "the lice...

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Terminal Tip: Burning a disc

Are you a Terminal geek (or wannabe, but not the pop star type)? If so, did you know that you can burn discs right from the Terminal window with a simple command and a drag/drop? Just enter the following command followed by the path to a folder or disk image: drutil burn filehere Don't type the...

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Mac Automation: Burn a backup disc of recent iPhotos

Time Machine is great way to backup your entire Mac, but what if you want to make a single backup of your recently imported photos in iPhoto? Well, Automator for Leopard is here to help with this task. In this how-to, I will show you how to find photos taken in the last 2 months and burn the resulti...

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This is probably one of the coolest freeware applications on the Mac that I've seen in a while. Have you ever placed a disc in your Mac's drive, only to shut it down with the disc still in there? I know I have a couple of times. Now you will never do that again, thanks to DiscTop. When you load a CD...

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Free Disco for your friends!

But... only if you took advantage of yesterday's macZOT offer! I see as of this morning Disco is still available for $14.95, so maybe the freebie is still valid. Apparently when you register, the surprize (sic) is revealed: another license to give away to a friend. That's a brilliant way to spread t...

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