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White iPhone discoloration: Not just heat

Last week, several readers were pointing out stories of white iPhones that had taken on a yellowish hue. It was assumed that heat was the issue. Keen to tempt fate, I played Star Defense [App Store link] for 30 minutes straight last night with my iPhone resting on my bed. It warmed up pretty good, b...

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Clean your MacBook with toothpaste

Toothpaste is such versatile material. When I was in college, I used it as drywall spackle to fill in nail holes. As a kid at summer camp, I used it to write my name on the rafters of our cabin. I've heard that some people even clean their teeth with it. Check out this tip from Lifehacker. It seems ...

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TUAW Poll: Your MacBook/Pro experience

Yesterday, we pointed out an article at Infinite Loop that was describing yet another (allegedly) melting MagSafe connector. Many of you wrote in to state that your MacBook/Pro experience has been trouble-free. Still, the issues people are having are very real, so let's take a brief (and informal) p...

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TUAW Poll: Does your MacBook exhibit discoloration?

Does your MacBook exhibit discoloration? Yes No    With many owners of Apple's MacBook reporting strange discoloration of their machine on areas that come into frequent contact with the skin (wrist rests, trackpad, but...

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White MacBooks Turning Yellow

When TUAW reader Rich sent us this link pointing to an Apple Discussions page discussing the tendency for some of the plastics on the new white MacBooks to turn yellowish after just a few weeks, I initially dismissed it as one or two overly-sensitive Mac users complaining about the inevitable hand g...

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