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Study: Mobile gamers download five titles a month, mostly through word of mouth

A new study released by Applifier says that word of mouth is still the number one way mobile game players find the games they like. That doesn't necessarily mean in-person discussion about mobile games, however, though 36 percent of users did report that hearing from a friend or family member wa...

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Find unique tourist attractions with Crash City Guides for iOS

There are plenty of travel guides available for the iPhone, but for those who are looking for something a bit off the beaten path, grab Crash City Guides, which is free. The iPhone app lists thousands of unique places like hidden waterfalls and obscure museums. You can add your own photos, co...

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Report: iOS and Android apps fighting for retention, not discovery

The latest Flurry report has an interesting insight for app developers. Over the last few years, as apps have gained more and more attention and users, discovery has been one of the biggest issues developers face: Most devs spend a lot of their time post-release just trying to tell as many peop...

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'Mythbusters' Savage & Hyneman to host Steve Jobs retrospective on Discovery

It seems like this must have been in the works for a while already, but Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the inimitable Mythbusters (Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman) will be hosting a one-hour special on the life and achievements of Steve Jobs. iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World will...

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Daily iPad App: iClassics

Deutsche Grammophon and Decca Classics, both part of the Universal Music Group, rolled out iClassics last week, a classical music discovery app that spotlights their catalog. If you love the genre, it's definitely an app to check out. The core of iClassics is a drag-and-drop tagging feature t...

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Time Warner adds Fox and Discovery channels back to app

It's been a back and forth saga with the TWCable TV iPad app. A month ago Time Warner released the app, which let Time Warner cable subscribers view live TV on their iPads, as long as they were connected to their TWC/Road Runner-powered home networks. Less than two days later, Time Warner had to...

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Time Warner Cable iPad app drops channels under programmer pressure

Time Warner's TWCable TV app has been forced to drop several channels after some programmers demanded it do so. The app allows Time Warner subscribers to watch TV shows on their iPads without paying any additional fees, and that "no additional fees" part is apparently what some programmers weren't...

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OpenFeint's promotional app now called Game Channel

Social gaming network OpenFeint has had its own app for a while now, offering up news and information for players playing games with the technology built-in. But the app recently underwent a re-branding of sorts -- it's now called Game Channel (not to be, or possibly to be, confused with Game Cente...

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Report: In-app purchases to overtake download revenues by 2013

Here's an interesting report from Juniper Research. According to their work, mobile app revenues will reportedly grow from the current US $6 billion to a whopping $11 billion by 2015. And the majority of that revenue will come not from the standard download fee, but instead from in-app purchases, a...

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Trainyard's tale on the App Store

About four days ago, I was sitting in a waiting room about to board a train. Bored, and a little restless, I pulled out my iPhone 3G to take a look at the App Store and see if there was anything new that I could download to kill some time. Recently, I'd almost given up on visiting the App Store. Wit...

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How Web Clips Work

If you're using version 1.1.3 of the iPhone or iPod touch-with-January-Upgrade , you'll probably encountered Web Clips. Web Clips add home screen icons that lead to your favorite sites. It's easy enough to make Web Clips, just tap the "+" button at the bottom of any MobileSafari webpage and choose A...

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Discovery Channel to air Inside Story of iPod

I am a Discovery Channel nut. I'll gladly watch a 10-hour marathon of Deadliest Catch and top it off with a Mythbusters for dessert. With that shameful fetish in mind, I'll be sure to set my TiVo for Wednesday's 12 pm ET airing of The Inside Story of iPod, a documentary covering the development and ...

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