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Former Apple Store employee sues for discrimination, claims bizarre ordeal

The Apple Store in the SoHo section of New York City has reportedly been sued for discrimination by a former employee, who claims that she was unlawfully fired after taking a medical leave. Nicole Sullivan started working for Apple in 2008, and then took a leave in 2009 because of a nervous disorde...

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NY Attorney General investigating claims of profiling in iPad sales

For Apple to have said "no cash for iPads" is one thing -- but interviewing would-be NYC iPad buyers of Asian descent before they make their purchases? Another thing entirely. Ben Smith at Politico reports that Apple is offering "complete" cooperation in an investigation by the Civil Rights Burea...

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iTunes HD rentals: price discrimination against men

So what is it with the "guy tax" that Apple has added to its Apple TV rentals? You know what I mean. Rentals are $3.99 for women, $4.99 for men. See? Look at the picture. Because few women (other than our Christina) are going to look at that pricing structure and say "Oh wow, honey. Let's pay a dol...

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