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Apple LED Displays shipping soon

Last night, some eagle-eyed readers noticed that Apple has changed the shipping status for the LED Cinema Displays. Previously, the status said "Coming Soon," but as of last night it says "Ships in 7-10 Business Days." However, the option to buy is still not available on the Apple Store page. I ...

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Rumor: New Cinema displays at Macworld '09?

MacRumors speculates on the possibility of Apple releasing updated Cinema displays at next year's Macworld Expo. According to the post, the new displays could incorporate the LED backlight technology that Apple has started building into their 15" MacBook Pros. MacRumors notes that LED backlit displ...

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Mac 101: curing multiple-monitor mixups with Detect Displays

More Mac 101, tips for the Mac beginner in you. Lucky dual-monitor users, rejoice -- with that second display on your desk, you're bound to be the productivity envy of the entire office. Just one little problem, though: sometimes your Mac has trouble recognizing that extra real estate, and rebooting...

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Is the Multi-display Mini finally about to debut?

Mac Mini users have been waiting a long time for a true dual-monitor solution. Sure there are a bunch of work-arounds out there that let you run more than one screen at a time but a real multi-screen solution hasn't yet been available as far as I know. (Honestly, I haven't been looking all that hard...

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Leopard Graphics Update does a de-rez on external displays

Imagine the scary, Sarkian voice of David Warner intoning "You will be subject to immediate de-resolution" and you'll know how a cluster of Leopard-using laptop owners (including yours truly) are feeling after getting bitten by a problem in the Leopard Graphics Update. You can see the rundown over a...

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Mac 101: Screen rotation

For today's Mac 101 I thought I'd draw your attention to a feature of the Displays tab of the System Preferences that only appears on external monitors: Rotate. If you plug in an external monitor to your Mac you should see that you have the option to rotate the display by 90 degree increments (cloc...

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Flickr Find: Apple Store iPhone Display unveiled

Still wondering what was lurking under that mysteriously wrapped object, wonder no more. Over at Flickr, user Saminman has posted an entire set of snapshots showing off the new iPhone window displays. This appears to be a slightly different installation from the AT&T display. For one thing, it ...

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Rumors: 17-inch iMac meets its end?

According to MacDailyNews who relays information gleaned from ThinkSecret, the 17-inch iMac will soon be no more. Let's have a quick moment of silence to say goodbye. Right then. Enough of the moment. Industry insiders, those anonymous sources of all the most fabulous and occasionally reliable Appl...

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Hue and cry over color-constrained MacBook displays

One could allow Fred Greaves and Dave Gatley some latitude for extreme frustration. Both Mac-toting photographers found themselves, along with other MacBook and MacBook Pro owners, dealing with 'sparkly' and 'grainy' color on their laptop screens; as color-sensitive professionals, this rankled. Bein...

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Rumors: iPhone displays to be installed

Mac Daily News reports that AT&T Mobility (the former Cingular) stores across the US will soon be getting their enormous iPhone displays. They link to this Boy Genius Report, which relies on information from industry insiders and says the displays will require their own power supplies and networ...

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TUAW Tip: Rockin' multiple monitors with your Mac

I just recently plunked down some of my sweet, sweet blogging money for a 24 inch Dell monitor (check out my setup) which I am loving. Setting it up with my MacBook running OS X 10.4.8 was very easy (as long as you have one of these). There are a few things that did get me, which I thought I would...

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Forget the faster Mac, get a bigger monitor

Don't waste your money on a new Mac if you are looking to upgrade, just get yourself a huge monitor. That's Paul Boutin's theory, and I agree. Computers now a days are pretty much powerful enough to handle whatever the regular user throws at them (I'm not talking about pro users like video editors a...

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Apple slashes Cinema display prices, too

A number of observant TUAW readers have also noticed that Apple has (quietly) slashes Cinema display prices with the introduction of the Mac Pro. There were rumors of Cinema updates before WWDC, but it seems that Apple simply wanted to give our pocketbooks a break with the $500 increase in the Mac P...

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Rig of the Day: Do you have enough displays?

Sure, the G5 Power Mac on the floor is cool, as is the iPod and the Xbox 360. But check out the four image-spanning displays! Is that TUAW on the Cinema display, with my Munsters post front and center? Seriously, could you run Photoshop on this setup or what? "Untitled" posted by scorpioc...

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