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Could AAPL split in a move toward Dow? Bernstein analyst thinks it will

A week after Apple posted its third-quarter earnings for 2012, Bernstein Research analyst A.M. "Toni" Sacconaghi speculates that the time is right for Apple to split its stock if it wants a future spot as an indexed member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Dow is woefully underpopulate...

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Barron's: Apple should be in the Dow

Apple has been traded on the NASDAQ exchange since it first went public back in 1980. For most of that time, AAPL has been part of the NASDAQ 100 index, so a gain or loss by the company has an impact on the technology-oriented exchange. A post on Barron's today posits that Apple, which is now t...

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AAPL declines again, S&P and Nasdaq see an impact

When it comes to stocks, Apple is an influencer and any changes in its stock price will affect US stock indexes. That's what happened on Monday when the Dow Jones Industrial Average surged and the NASDAQ and S&P fell because of Apple, says a report in Forbes. The NASDAQ and S&P both inclu...

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