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iOS 7: Block iOS updates on your office network, avoid first-day upgrade overload

For those businesses or educational institutions with limited bandwidth and lots of iOS devices on their Wi-Fi infrastructure, a blast of iOS 7 updates -- each with its own hefty, lingering download -- could be a bit of a problem. Tomorrow it should be easy to spot the network admin: he or she will ...

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DNSchanger standby servers will go dark Monday 7/9

It's pretty unlikely that your computer is among the 277,000 worldwide still affected by the DNSchanger malware (63,000 of them in the US, per the FBI and CIO Daily), but just in case you find yourself mysteriously knocked offline Monday morning, here's why. From 2007 until the law knocked on t...

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Apple TV streaming can be hindered by Google DNS

If you are experiencing problems with streaming video on your Apple TV, you may want to take a closer look at your DNS settings, according to Mac developer Joe Maller. Maller recently rented an HD video via iTunes and was astonished to discover it would take two hours to download over a reasonably ...

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Manage your DNS settings for faster web browsing

In the Network Settings pane of your System Preferences, you may have noticed that you can manually set the DNS servers your connection will use. There are a few reasons for doing this, namely speeding up the time it takes to look up any given website, but also to bypass some annoyances in your ISP'...

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Pogue-praised Line2 is offline for the moment

The price of fame: earlier this week, David Pogue lavished Toktumi's VoIP app Line2 with a hearty helping of NYT love, saying that the $1 app (which requires a $15 monthly subscription) "has the potential to shake up an entire industry." We first mentioned the service back in February, and while Ste...

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Sophos video shows Mac trojan caught in the act

Apple Mac malware: Caught on camera from Sophos Labs on Vimeo. It's not every day that you can watch Mac malware in action, but the team at Sophos Labs has put together the demonstration video above; it shows a malicious installer downloaded from a site pretending to serve up an HD video playe...

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10.5.5 update fixes DNS vulnerability

Apple's Mac OS X 10.5.5 update (and Security Update 2008-006) fixes a critical DNS vulnerability that could allow attackers to trick victims into visiting malicious Web sites using what's known as a "cache poisoning attack." We wrote about the vulnerability in August. Although Apple's release notes...

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iPod touch firmware, Bonjour for Windows close security holes

It's not all new features and delight behind the scenes with the now-shipping iPod touch 2.1 firmware -- among the updates and changes are five patches to address security issues with the device. Frameworks that have been tweaked include the Application Sandbox, CoreGraphics, the mDNSResponder, Netw...

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Apple's DNS patch coming up short

The distance between good intentions and actual results seems to be getting longer and longer. While Apple did release a security patch yesterday that included a fix to BIND for the highly publicized cache poisoning exploit -- some time after most other vendors got updates out to customers -- that f...

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Apple Security fix includes BIND update

Yesterday, shortly after I read TidBITS' post on securing the DNS flaw that Apple had ignored for a while, Apple released a security fix which finally took care of the situation. This comes 3 weeks after the security industry began taking matters into their own hands. This fix does overwrite the fil...

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Monday man page: dig, host & nslookup

For this week's Monday man page, it's a triple threat: dig, host, and nslookup. All three utilities are included with the BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) version 9 package, part of every Mac OS X 10.4 installation, and all three do pretty much the same task: translate hostnames to IP addresses ...

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