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TUAW TV Live Pre-Macworld/iWorld Episode

The TUAW-logoed Aloha shirts are packed, we're getting the giveaways boxed up, and we're making plans for the annual Apple lovefest known as Macworld/iWorld. TUAW will be wandering about the show floor, hitting the parties, and bringing you all the news on the best new products and apps for your A...

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TUAW TV Live: The health and fitness hour

I'm back among the living this week, having somehow survived the viral crud that was causing me to lose my voice last week. That means that the wonderful Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd and I will be sending a flood of bits out today from the TUAW TV studios. Since I'm feeling so much better, I thought it w...

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TUAW TV Live: The best Apple-related books and authors

Sure, nobody reads anymore. But if you really want to become an expert in one topic or another, you need to pore over every word that's ever been published on the subject. Today, Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd and I will talk about those books and/or authors that we follow or admire, with a special focus o...

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TUAW TV Live: A look at CES announcements (Updated)

The Consumer Electronics Show is still in full swing in Las Vegas today, bringing more hype and product announcements in one week than you'd ever think possible. While TUAW doesn't have a presence at this annual event, our siblings at Engadget and TechCrunch have been walking the floors, doing int...

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TUAW TV Live: 4th anniversary show

Yeah, I know that it's hard to believe, but TUAW TV Live turns 4 years old in the next week. On December 23, 2009, I sat down in front of my iMac and started an hour-long Ustream broadcast, not knowing that almost four years later I'd still be doing this weekly show. Now, of course, I'm joined by ...

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TUAW TV Live: Holiday gifting episode

If you're like most TUAW readers, you're not only good-looking, but you're also very smart. So smart, in fact, that you decided to skip both the insanity of Black Friday and the online spending spree of Cyber Monday. You decided to wait until today to find out what ideas the TUAW TV Live gang has ...

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TUAW TV Live: The island of misfit apps and products

Following last week's show, in which Doc and I went through our regrettable purchases of tech equipment, it occurred to me that there are a lot of current apps and products that could be placed in an online store category called "What were they thinking?" So today, we're going to take a look at so...

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TUAW TV Live: Regrettable purchases

Have you ever spent your hard-earned money on a computer, an accessory or some software, only to regret spending that money later on? It can be anything from an app that didn't perform to your expectations to a piece of hardware that failed miserably from the first day it was plugged in. On today'...

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TUAW TV Live: We love us some iPad Airs

Being the spoiled techno-brats that we are, Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd and I just had to go out last Friday and pick up new iPad Airs. Tweets we swapped over the weekend show that both of us are amazed with Apple's latest device, which not only boasts significant speed improvements and lighter weight, ...

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TUAW TV Live: OS X Mavericks and new iPads

During last week's show, Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd and I discussed the Apple announcements that had been made, primarily the immediate availability of OS X Mavericks and the unveiling of the iPad Air and Retina display iPad mini. This week, we'll be talking about some of our favorite features of Maver...

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TUAW TV Live: Special Apple Fall Event Episode

We're sliding TUAW TV Live up one day to give everyone the chance to chat about today's announcements. Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd and I will be discussing what transpired at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco earlier today, and you can join in on both our live video feed and the chat ...

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TUAW TV Live: Talking OS X Mavericks

Today on TUAW TV Live we'll be talking about the newest version of the Mac's operating system -- OS X Mavericks. It's getting closer to release, with Apple asking developers to submit their apps with new Mavericks-enhanced capabilities for inclusion in the Mac App Store. So what's the big deal abo...

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TUAW TV Live: iPad dreams

Just yesterday, word leaked out that Apple would be holding an event on October 22 at which it is expected that the company will debut the latest models of the iPad and iPad mini. The Mac Pro and Mavericks may receive passing notice as well, but the two new tablets will most likely be the focus of...

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TUAW TV Live: A bumper crop of new accessories, plus some old favorites

Apple accessory manufacturers have been working overtime during the past few months to come out with some new and fairly innovative products for iOS and Mac users. Today on TUAW TV Live Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd and I will talk about some of our favorite new products and also reminisce about some of t...

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TUAW TV Live: More discussion of iOS 7, and how about those new iMacs?

Today's TUAW TV Live will feature further discussion of iOS 7 -- including a take on people who are finding it not to their liking. We'll discuss the new iMacs that magically appeared yesterday, as well as some other cool topics that have popped up -- like setting up a third-generation Apple TV by...

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